Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot!"

This is becoming a “war cry” in certain circles as many STUPID people who BELIEVE the crap put out by the media about what happened in Ferguson, MO when a giant thug tried to kill a cop, who killed him, instead. Even members of one football team came on field at a game with their hands up “in solidarity” with the CRIMINALS who are rioting, raping, killing, and stealing in Ferguson. Others are doing the same, including some supremely STUPID members of CONGRESS! Which proclaims their own STUPIDITY. (Fox News)

RESISTING “CREEPING SHARIA”: Why is it necessary to say this? Sharia Law is STUPID for Americans. It is unconstitutional on its face and is “anti-woman.” Yet many STUPID people want to bring it here. I can’t believe there are people here who are that STUPID! They live in the freest country on Earth, yet they want to institute a medieval kind of law upon us that even MUSLIMS (except Muslim leaders) hate. Damn, Gruber is right. There are way too many STUPID people in America, and they’re ALL liberals.

SAVE THE LIGHT BULB: Yes, the new light bulb might be better in many ways than the old incandescent bulb invented by Edison. But is it better enough to be REQUIRED BY LAW? Should anybody wanting to sell them or even BUY them in this country be PUINISHED? That’s a pretty stupid thing to do, and I regret to say it was done by Republicans. Yes, the new bulbs might last longer—but they cost more, and are a danger to our health in that if one breaks, the government suggests a “hazard team” clean up after them, which costs $thousands of dollars (they contain hazardous material). If it is so much better, why does it need a LAW to make people buy it? That’s typical liberal. If they don’t like it, they want to BAN it for everybody else. I’ll import my bulbs from now on, folks.

“FANNING THE FLAMES OF RACISM: That’s what Obama is doing. He’s actively doing everything he can to CREATE a race war so he can use the resulting violence as an excuse to make even more laws to limit our freedoms. It’s all part of the Hegelian Principal to “CREATE” a problem,” publicize it until people clamor for a “solution,” then OFFER a solution that involves more the restrictive laws you couldn’t get passed ordinarily. Ferguson is just one part of this CON. He doesn’t care how many people die or lose everything in his attempt. He has been pushing his "racism" crap since BEFORE he was elected president.

COPS DO NOTHING: One market owner in Ferguson, MO, whose store has been looted and ravaged three times recently, actually RECOGNIZED some of the looters and identified them for the cops; who did NOTHING. They probably gave the excuse that they couldn’t arrest anybody on his unsupported word, which is a LIE. I remember once my car was broken into, and I found the stuff they stole in a neighborhood garage (I could SEE it through the window), and they did nothing, saying they couldn’t go into that garage on my say-so, alone. They’ve always got an excuse for their laziness.

“OBAMA FOMENTED RIOTS”: That’s what the Milwaukee police chief says. He’s right, but we don’t need him to tell us what we already know if we’re paying attention, which a lot of people are not. These people will still not be convinced, because they believe the drivel put out by the liberal media and their PRESIDENT; all of which is a LIE. It’s due to people like this that con men like Obama get away with as much as they do.

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