Friday, December 26, 2014

Bribing Kids

Kids hate eating Michelle’s food so much that some schools are BRIBING them to eat it. Jefferson county, Colorado schools are having a “Hungry to Win” raffle, giving them a chance to win a prize if they’ll just eat that crap, in effect, BRIBING them to eat that crap. But I seriously doubt they’ll get many takers. Kids, if they don’t like something, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get them to do it. But even  the EXISTENCE of this raffle is instructive.

MURDERERS GO FREE: Why? Because Detroit doesn’t have enough money to afford to keep them in jail OR to try them. This is the result of years of liberals running the city. We have the same situation in DC, but they can print money. Detroit can’t, and Obama has yet to “bail them out,” as he has done elsewhere. So if you want to murder somebody, con them into going to Detroit, and THEN kill them. The likelihood of you being punished for it there is very low.

LIBERALS HATE OPPOSITION: A conservative student wrote a column they didn’t like, so his boss, obviously a liberal, fired him. And other liberals “egged” his house. They really hate people who disagree with them. I remember one time years ago, I had a bumper sticker on my car saying, “A is A.” Now most liberals aren’t intelligent enough to even know what that means. But there was apparently one, who had more eggs than he could eat, so he threw a few at my car. I don’t use my car to let them know who I am, any more. I just use my blogs. They can’t “egg” those.

BRINGING IT ON THEMSELVES: Crooks who push to “kill cops” are going to find themselves the targets of cops who are VERY alert in the future. Just the SUGGESTION that they might kill a cop is going to get THEM killed. Cops aren’t going to wait with their guns in their holsters like before. They will have them in their hands early on, and will be more “trigger happy” than before. And the criminals will have brought it on themselves.

GORDON’S FATAL MISTAKE: NASCAR’S Jeff Gotdon heard ghetto kids could remove four tires in 5 seconds, so he fired his pit crew and hired some ghetto kids. They did it, but then repainted the car, changed the vin number, and sold the car to Dale Earnhart, Jr. in 9 seconds. Gordon got a little more than he bargained for. But it’s PC, hey? (Seen in One Political Plaza, post by “Ghostgotcha.” I think it's. satire.)

WAS JESUS POOR? That’s a question asked by “Pennylynn” on One Political Plaza. But whatever the circumstances of his birth or the economic circumstances of his “parents,” Jesus could be rich OR poor, at his pleasure, if he WAS the “Son of God.” He had the power to be either. Much is made of Him being “born in a manger,” but that wasn’t because his parents were poor, if they were. It’s because the inn had no vacancies. And they were in Bethlehem to pay TAXES.

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