Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gruber Lied to Congress

He has said, many times, that he was NOT “the architect” of Obamacare. Maybe he’s just senile and can’t remember his hours-long White House conferences with Obama. But I don’t think that is the case. I think he just LIED. That’s the “fall-back position” for all Obama cronies when “caught out.” But with videos of his admissions (brags) being so available and damning, I think Congress should charge him with lying to Congress. That’s what they did to Clinton, and he was the PRESIDENT!

POOR BABIES! I understand students at Harvard Law School want more time to complete their studies. They’re all upset about Ferguson and New York and can’t concentrate. Oh: I understand they’re also upset because somebody farted in an elevator just before Obama used it, too. Boy, what a bunch of wimps. If I ever have a court case, I’m going to make sure they’re the lawyers for the other side. They’ll be easy to beat. All I have to do is get them upset and they’ll go crying from the courtroom like little babies.

PLAYING RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS: The liberals (Democrats) are playing right into the hands of the enemy by their “investigation” into the way the CIA treated those bloody murderers in their attempts to get important information out of them to save lives in the wake of their SLAUGHTER of 3,000 people at the world Trade Center to keep it from happening again. Those bastards have given away ANY right to “rights” they might have had as human beings, by their actions. Cheney says that report is “full of crap,” and he’s absolutely right.

THE REPORT ITSELF IS FULL OF DUNG: They didn’t even BOTHER to talk to anybody personally involved, and made their “determinations” completely from PAPERWORK given them by partisans, dedicated to getting a finding they wanted. She admitted that she and her accomplices had “political motives” in coming up with that “determination.” Furthermore, why should ANYBODY be concerned with what happens to these pieces of cow flop? Obama’s slowly letting them all go back to kill more innocent people, anyway.

NO WHITE PRIVILEGE: There is no such thing. Except in the fevered minds of the pushers of the race war. Like Obama, who wants one so he can take advantage of it to make laws and regulations he can’t make under normal circumstances. It’s a CON. Everything is a con to Obama, designed to gain him an advantage. When we (not me) elected him president, we might as well have given him the keys to our most private vault, where resides ALL of our money, and ALL of our rights.

RIGHT ON THE NOSE: Two comic strips today hit it right on the nose. Frazz talked about not being good at math until he realized it mattered. Freshly Squeezed had a kid complaining about the top 1% of students hogging all the good grades. That sounds a lot like the usual liberal crap where they complain about the winners hogging all the trophies, and wanting scoreless games. Oh: and his sign said, “Okupy Math. He should be “okupying” spelling class. I don’t often agree with Ed Stein, its artist, but this one is pure genius.

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