Monday, December 29, 2014

N. Korea Calls Obama "Monkey"

Talk about using the old, tired crap. Of course, N, Korea should know about monkeys. They’re got one running things there. I chuckle every time I see him in his long black coat and is silly-looking haircut either applauding himself, or shooting a gun somebody prepared for him because he doesn’t know how. It amazes me the stupid “leaders” we get in this world where a SON can take over for the father—OR when the “leader” is “elected” by ignorant people who don’t know any better.

WAY BEHIND TIMES, TOO: DJ Rich, the guy (or gal?) on “One Political Plaza,” who consistently misspells Rush Limbaugh’s name (purposely, I guess) apparently is way behind the times, too, when he calls Rush “the portly one.” In any case, he’s (as usual, for liberals) calling an OPINON of Rush’s, a LIE. Apparently, they can’t tell the difference, either. He’s calling Rush’s NOT supporting Jeb Bush a “lie.”

BACHMANN’S GOT IT RIGHT: She says “Obama wants to turn the United States into an Islamic Caliphate.” To which I add, “With HIM as the Calif.” Bachmann apparently is the only one in any position to have people LISTEN to her that sees the truth (Of course, they label her as a "right-wing nutjob" when she says it). If somebody else doesn’t see it, soon, and ACT, we’re lost. (Thanks to BearK on “One Political Plaza”) Obama has gotten away with a lot of criminal actions by having the liberal media on his side, and willing to hide his crimes. But they can’t totally ignore it when people like Bachmann speak.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: This is one of the most insidious threats we face. It’s a scam to control what we say by telling us (without any kind of law behind it) what we CAN, and cannot say. I say to those pushing it, “screw OFF!” I don’t allow ANYBODY to dictate want I may say, ANY TIME. Not even if they pass an unconstitutional LAW against it. They can take their LAW and stick it, too. And if they want to “come and get me,” I’m sure they know how to FIND me. When  they come, they’d better be ready for a bloody lip.

HAMAS NO LONGER TERRORIST? In an illustration of Obama’s “friendliness” to Islam, he has taken HAMAS off the U. S. list of terrorist organizations and threatened (tacitly) to “sanction” Israel for their RESPONSE to the daily HAMAS rocket bombing of Israel. How much more must he DO to support International Islamic terrorism before people who can DO something about it “tumble” to the fact that he is actively SUPPORTING Islamic terrorism? It has become so obvious that even those who pay no attention to politics are noticing; still nothing done.

PUTIN: NATO OUR BIGGEST THREAT: Really! NATO is there for one reason, and one reason only: to stop Russia’s expansionist wishes any way it can. It will not attack Russia in any way, unless Russia is trying to take over more territory. If that is what uh, Putin considers a “threat,”: I guess he’s right. To stop this “threat,” all he has to do is “keep it in his pants” and stop having designs on other countries and sending his troops to promote them, in any way. That will “pull NATO’s horns and keep them out of his hair.

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