Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Presidential Kids Off Limits

Liberals cry foul when somebody says something about the president’s kids. The most recent case is a Republican staffer who said something about Obama’s kids and lost her job. Personally, I remember far too many attacks on REPUBLICAN’S kids by liberals to take this too seriously. Some of these “attacks” are earned. Like those on Clinton’s daughter and her VERY lucrative “part-rime job” in the media, given her by a media outfit who could benefit by “being friends” with the Clintons. Then there’s the virulent (unearned) slurs against Sarah Palin’s kids. I’d say the Democrats should just shut up, or we’ll bring up all THEIR “attacks on presidential kids.

OBAMA LIES (AGAIN): He released a statement about the case of Eric Garner’s death that BEGAN with a lie. He said, “I make a practice of not commenting on cases that might still be under investigation.” What? What about his statement in the case of the college professor who was arrested for breaking into his own home that “Police acted STUPIDLY.” TELL me that case wasn’t still under investigation. Then there’s the Trevon Martin case. How many other cases still under investigation has me made comments about? Such as Ferguson? He lies so easily; even when he knows WE know it’s a lie.

THE “NEW DAY OF INFAMY”: The day Obama signed the law creating Obamacare and screwing up the medical profession for all time. By doing so, he has probably KILLED more people than were killed at Pearl Harbor in the original “day of infamy,” as declared by FDR. Would that that day were the only “day of infamy” to be presided over by Barack Hussein Obama, our “Muslim/American” (he says, not proven) president. Frankly, I think the REAL new “day of infamy” was the day Obama was inaugurated.

SOMETHING TO BITCH ABOUT: Liberals gotta have something to bitch about, so now they’re saying “White Christmas” is racist. I’ve always said that if somebody wants to illustrate their own stupidity, just stand aside and let them. That’s what I’m doing, here, as liberals do a better job of that than I could ever do. Oh, hell! I just can’t do it. That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Meanwhile, these fools think they’re smarter than the rest of us.

BLACKS HAVE LOWER IQ: That’s right. Of course, they’ll call this racist, as they do everything else, in their efforts to get Obama’s race war started. Just remember, I’m not the one saying it. Daniel Seligman, on a web site called, “Flawless Logic,” did a study and his findings are that blacks have an “average IQ level of 70-75, which many psychologists would label “borderline retarded” (I thought we weren’t supposed to use that word). Frankly, I don’t believe it is an “average.” I think it is an exception. But some of the things blacks do in the “ghetto” make me wonder, although I know some very smart black people. I’ve never thought intelligence was governed by skin color. And that’s not racism, it’s truth. But truth sometimes is CALLED racism by ignorant people.

“DEBBIE WHACKO BIRD”: That’s a good label for Democrat Party Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, when she says, in the wake of the biggest drubbing the Democrats have EVER suffered at the polls, :”The American voter agrees with us.” What planet are you living on, Debbie? She’s always been pretty stupid (that seems to be a requirement for top Democrats, including Nancy Peelosi), but this one should tip off even the DEMOCRATS that she’s “gone bananas” (Or has she always been loopy?). And "taken leave of her senses.

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