Friday, December 5, 2014

Stupid Sign

There’s a picture on Facebook of a black man holding a sign saying, “No mother should have to fear for the life of her son when he robs a store.” Some say this pic is Photoshopped. But Photoshopped or not, it DOES make a point. And it’s right. Robbing a store doesn’t rate a death sentence. But trying to kill a cop when he tries to arrest you for it may well do so. Especially if you’re very big and strong and the cop is a lot smaller. If you’re big enough, you don’t need to be armed. YOU are enough of a weapon to make him fear for his life, so he is ENTITLED to shoot you to death.

RANGEL GOOD FOR A LAUGH: Charlie Rangel (Democrat congressman) is always god for a laugh. He’s so stupid he gives new meaning to the word. Now he wants today’s white people to pay reparations to today’s black people for the slavery in their PAST. As if those living today were responsible for that slavery. He forgets they were sold INTO slavery by their black neighbors. Not only that, many white people were also sold into slavery. They called it “indentured servitude.” Thanks, Charlie. I needed a good laugh.

OBAMA’S FACE ON MARS? Some people say if you look at a certain picture of Mars, you’ll see Obama’s face. If only… Maybe somebody sent him up there and didn’t tell us. But probably he spent a few billion dollars to make it look like that, I wouldn’t put it past him, the way he likes to spend OUR money like water. I just wish somebody WOULD send him to Mars—or somewhere just as far away. We’d be well rid of him.

NOT YOUR FATHER’S RACISM: Racism is alive and well in America, but it is not the same kind of racism your father knew. My own father was a racist, although he hid it well. He had several “black friends,” so he claimed he was not racist. He didn’t “shun” black people, but he never invited him into his home. He said that was so they’d know their place.” He really hated it when some people intimated HE might be black (he WAS part Indian). The old racism was whites hating blacks. Today’s racism is blacks hating WHITES, and they’re very open about it, as evidenced by the current war against white cops shooting unarmed blacks while ignoring black cops shooting unarmed whites.

“SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS”: In Redmond, Washington, some anonymous person is going around posting signs saying, “It’s okay to say, Merry Christmas.” I know, they’re just saying something that’s obvious to most Americans—except to the liberals who are trying to destroy the Christian religion. These people are succeeding, to some degree, because many businesses have started refusing to say, “Merry Christmas,” saying instead, “Happy Holidays,” which ruins the whole idea from which this holiday BEGAN. The birth of Jesus Christ. No, no; I’m not going to preach to you. I’m just going to say, NOBODY has the right to tell me—or YOU—you can’t say, “Merry Christmas.” I don’t need a sign to tell me that. I will say what I like, WHEN I like, and to HELL with anybody who PRETENDS to have the right to tell me I can’t.

WILSON SAVING BLACK CHILD: Not very well reported is that just before he met and killed that huge thug, Michael Brown, Officer Darren Wilson was saving the life of a two-year-old black child who wasn’t breathing. Then even after getting the call about the convenience store strong-arm robbery, he remained with that child until the ambulance arrived. THEN he went to investigate the robbery. Does this sound like a racist white cop just LOOKING for an opportunity to kill a black man? I don’t THINK so! But the liberal news media doesn’t report that kind of thing because it doesn’t advance their agenda to promote Obama’s “race war.”

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