Friday, January 2, 2015

"Laws for Thee, Not for Me"

That’s apparently what former Obama chief of staff, now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, a noted “anti-gun fool,” thinks. He has a sign outside his home, falsely saying he still has “secret service protection,” which means ARMED protection; something he fiercely DENIES to his “peons” in Chicago. Apparently, he thinks he is better than they are, in that HE can have armed security and they can’t.

“BLACK LIVES MATTER”: Oh, they do, do they? Then why do more blacks kill more blacks than whites? Why do MOST babies murdered in the womb happen to be black? They say white cops are out to kill blacks. Why then is most of the cops’ time taken up trying to keep blacks from killing each other? Why is it that 36% of abortions in the United States are performed on black women while blacks only make up about 12% of the population? Why are abortion clinics overwhelmingly in black areas? Why does the media ignore black cops killing white men? This is not a racist item. It merely states facts. If that’s racist, I guess I’m guilty.

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: Obama released five more terrorist murderers to go back to killing innocent people. Why did he release them? NO reason—except he is in the process of closing GITMO by releasing terrorists, one by one, without fanfare. And NOBODY in any position of importance, who can DO something about Obama’s atrocities in releasing murderers to go back to killing more people does ANYTHING. There used to be over 600 prisoners in GITMO. Now there are just a little over a hundred. The rest are back to their killing, raping, and beheading ways.

CHRISTIANS MUST PARTICIPATE: In Rhode Island, fire department members who objected to being FORCED to participate in a “gay pride” parade went to court to oppose it when they were ORDERED to participate by their bosses. It took ten years for the court to rule, but they ruled in favor of the “bosses,” saying it was a “legitimate work assignment,” even if it violated their most basic religious convictions (Meaning it's okay for them to violate their basic religious principles in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America). Frankly, if I were those firemen, I’d find a different department to work for. One with more sense and intelligence.

OBAMA’S POSITIVES: I spend most of my time pointing out Obama’s negatives—and there are plenty of them. It’s a full-time job to point them out. So I’ve decided to point out a few of his POSITIVES for a change: Like the fact that he is the greatest gun salesman there is. Over 70 million guns have been sold since he took office. He is also good at promoting the conservatives. The liberals had an almost complete grip on this government when he took office, holding both houses in the Congress AND the presidency. Now they only control the presidency and will probably lose THAT in the next election. He has been VERY good for “waking up”  conservatives.

AMERICA IS LAST: They’re last on a list of murders per 100,000 citizens with 4.2 per 100,000. It’s instructive to note that EVERY country higher on the list than America has significant to 100% “gun control” laws. Switzerland, however, has NO murders per 100,000. In Switzerland, EVERY person is REQUIRED to own a gun and maintain marksmanship qualifications, regularly. More proof that gun control laws, as we know them in this country today, do NOT work. And that the populace being armed, DOES. Something else for the gun-grabbers to ignore.

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