Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Making of a Martyr

Liberals are working HARD to make a martyr of a black thug who was killed by a cop in self defense, in Ferguson, MO. There is even talk about Time Magazine making him their “Person of the Year.” Obama “talks him up,” and so do all the other “race whores”: Al Sharpie…er, uh, Sharpton, Jesse Jerkson and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan. What really bothers me is the “respect” given to Sharpton by the president in “asking his opinion” on who should replace Eric Holder as this country’s “top cop.” Then there is the broadcast network that gave this race jerk his own television show, thus “legitimizing” him in the minds of people who pay no attention to politics, and are thus IGNORANT of what's really going on..

THE “PHONY SHUT DOWN”: One of Obama’s favorite CONS is the “government shutdown” where he shuts down a few things, like national parks, which are the most visible and guaranteed to infuriate the most people while blaming the Republicans through twisted reasoning. It has worked so well in the past it has even affected elections. And he is talking about “shutting the government down” again if Congress defunds his “amnesty.” The thing to remember is it is HIS decision, not theirs. It is a PLOY to get his own way and works with the more gullible among Americans.

HIDING BEHIND BLACK KIDS: I’ve noticed that every once in a while, Obama “dusts off” and reruns that old, tired video of him signing a bill into law (I’ve forgotten which bill it was) while a small black boy stood beside him and Joe Biden gave the boy a shoulder massage. This is such an obvious ploy it’s a wonder it ever worked. But Professor Gruber is right: there is an abundance of STUPID Americans, and they’re ALL Democrats (liberals). He uses that instead videos of of the REAL bill signings.

MORE RACE WHORING: Democrats are, as usual, blaming the opposition to Obama’s “amnesty” on racism. It’s like Obama and all the other black politicians never got elected by his “supposed racist electorate,” and there's no other reason to dislike his amnesty by fiat. They ignore that in their efforts to blame everything on “a black man being president.” They hope we can’t see the fallacy of reasoning in that, and only DEMOCRATS can’t  Unfortunately, the government is “supporting” so many Democrats, they can sometimes get themselves elected and re-elected on the votes of the people who just want a “free ride” and vote Democrat to “keep the goodies coming,”

DON’T SAY “GOD” AT DISNEY”: A 10-year-old North Carolina girl is publicly shaming the Disney Channel after the network said her thanking God on its website was tantamount to profanity.” (WND)  The Disney Channel asked her what she was thankful for, and she answered, “Friends, family, and God.” They wouldn’t allow her to post that answer, saying, “Please be nice.” What stupidity! Apparently, the Disney Channel has set their software to block ANY reference to God. And this is supposed to be “the HAPPY place!” They’re off my list.

ORDERED TO TEACH WICCAN, PAGANISM: In a country where FOOLS keep ANYTHING about Christianity from being taught in schools (while pushing Islam). The courts are ORDERING Catholic Church schools to teach about Wiccan, and other pagan rites. Thank God this is only happening (for now) in Canada, where they don’t have freedom of religion. But from what I’ve seen lately, something like that could easily come to America soon. Liberals are the same, everywhere. And what they do successfully elsewhere, they will attempt here.

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