Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chicago Mayor's Son Robbed

No guns were involved, but things would have been different if he had had a gun. Now they have a cop parked outside his house (Special treatment. Do they do that for the average citizen?), for all the good that’s going to do. Maybe the COP will get robbed next? Chicago doesn’t seem to think guns (for honest people) can help, so why send in an ARMED cop? Rahm’s son will probably get his own “carry” permit. He’s “got connections,” you know. It must be bad when crime hits that close to home.

DROP DISH NETWORK: Another good reason to drop the Dish Network is, they’ve dropped Fox. Two Fox Networks: Fox News, and Fox Business. All because (they say) Fox used their two premier networks to bolster other properties, notably sports networks. I’ve been hearing that Dish has dropped several properties, including some LOCAL stations. Seems to me they’re “driving too hard a bargain” these days. And losing customers because of it. I begin to question their wisdom. Makes me glad I don’t use them.

ISIS KILLS 100 OF THEIR OWN: These people came there from America and other countries to fight with and for them. They soon “saw the light” and tried to go home. I guess opposing Islamic terrorists in any way rates a death sentence. They just can’t stand it when people quit on them. That’s why they kill as many as they can who convert to other “religions.” PLUS all those who “get smart” and no longer want to die for them.

MAKING MICHELLE HAPPY: Seems Michelle Obama is only happy when she’s dictating what you and your children can eat. She has screwed up school lunches so much as to make them worthless. Thank God we didn’t have “school lunches” when I went to school. My brothers and I went HOME for lunch, the bill for it to be paid by my parents, not the taxpayers. I guess when you let others pay for your food, you give them the right to dictate what you can eat. Meanwhile, she eats hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, and other “unhealthy” foods she doesn’t let the kids eat.

AL SHARPTON: RACE WHORE” Somebody needs to stuff something in Al Sharpton’s pie hole so he’ll shut up and quit getting people killed. He is PERSONALLY responsible for the two innocent cops who were murdered by someone obviously taking his advice to “kill cops.” And he will be personally responsible for any other cops killed for the same reason, and for any citizens who are killed by cops, who will be SUPER vigilant in the future, The blood will be on HIS hands. He denies it now, but he's lying, as usual.

TOO BIG FOR HIS BRITCHES: N. Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (it’s hard to keep the Kims straight) is like an ant crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind, Same as some other dictators have been guilty of when they threaten a powerhouse like America with their puny little armies. This fat little man isn’t smart enough to know if he commits an act of war against America, his country will cease to exist. The only reason we didn’t win the Korean War was because OUR politicians wouldn’t let us. If he does anything to injure this country, even a coward like Obama will have to act, and the Kim line will end and N. Korea will become a steaming pit.

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