Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Strange Gun Holster

A young girl was found to be carrying a gun in a strange kind of a holster when she was being booked for driving on a suspended license in Kingsport, TN. While being booked, they found a small, 5-shot revolver—in her vagina. Why she carried it there, I don’t know. She was charged additionally with carrying a concealed weapon, which was cleaned thoroughly and placed in their evidence room. She's better be careful pulling it out. That thing sticking out at the rear looks MEAN.

DEMOCRATS WANT JEB: Democrats obviously think they can easily beat Jeb Bush. Why, otherwise, would Democrat strategist David Axelrod tell MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Jeb would be a “formidable candidate” to run against their candidate, Hillary Clinton? Democrats have a history of telling Republicans who to run, while those candidates usually LOSE. Which is what they’re after. And our Republicans LISTEN to them.

JACKSON COMPARES HIMSELF TO MLK: Jesse Jackson, race whore, now compares himself to Martin Luther King, saying, “King was accused of “rare-baiting,” too. But Jesse Jackson is no Martin Luther King. King went after racism itself. He didn’t “target” companies with “deep pockets,” telling them to “contribute” to his “charities” or be accused of racism. Charities that he controlled, absolutely. He, and fellow “race whore” Al Sharptom, are well known for this scam.

PAKISTAN CHILD MASSACRE: The Pakistan Taliban has “condemned” the killing of 148 people (many of them children) at a school in Pakistan. However, those “in the know” say it was the Pakistan Taliban who ORDERED the massacre. The original number claimed was 125, but the number keeps going up. This is yet more evidence for the world to SHUN Muslims, and make laws against their immigration. And ALL Muslims should be watched carefully, because their very BIBLE, the Koran, commands them to MURDER people who don’t believe the way they think they should.

HELPING OUR ENEMIES: As usual, Obama is helping our enemies. He is today announcing that he is “lifting” the embargo we placed on Cuba a long time ago. Several times we attempted to lift the embargo and Castro went out of his way to sabotage it. Why? Because he can use the embargo as “an excuse” for the fact that his people generally live in poverty. Not the fact they are living under communism. Obama, apparently, has never met an enemy he didn’t like.

RUSSIA IN TROUBLE: Vladmir Putrid…er, uh, Putin has been doing everything he can to “resurrect” the old “Soviet Union,” and is “annexing” former Russian “properties” right and left, even if he has to send in troops to do it. And he has been fiddling with the ruble, hoping to strengthen THAT. But to no avail. Just yester day, after falling incrementally for months, it dropped significantly, putting Russia in danger of economic disaster. Russia has spent a LOT of money, hoping to prop it up, but that hasn't worked, either.

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