Saturday, December 27, 2014

Taxes CAUSE High Gas Prices

Lower gas taxes would cause gas prices to go below $2 a gallon, so lefties want higher gas prices. This is prima facie proof that lefties WANT higher gas prices if politicians can get their hands on some of the money. Some liberal politicians are very outspoken on the subject. I’ve always said when someone wants to illustrate his stupidity, stand by and let him. That’s true in this case. They think since we're now spending a little less on gas, the money should be theirs.

SANTA: GOP OR DEMOCRAT? Who cares? Santa Claus is a figment of our imagination, used for one purpose: to frighten children into “being good,” at least for a short time before Christmas. He is neither Republican NOR Democrat. He can be MADE to be either by the media and politicians, so wondering which he is, is  useless. Just as is wondering if Jesus was rich or poor, since, as “The Son of God,” he could choose to be either.

FOOLS MAKE NEWS: Mayor De Blasio of New York City, after alienating his own cops, called for a “moment of silence” in memory of the two cops who were brutally murdered while sitting in their squad car, and demonstrators right outside there made some noise in support of the MURDERER. They’re damned fools, but fools make news. The cops are the only people who stand between us and chaos and if you make them afraid for their own lives, more people will die as they will be SUPER alert and quicker on the trigger—and I don’t blame them.

GOD DIDN’T RAPE MARY: Liberals feminists (a repetition, there) and others trying to destroy Christianity are now saying “God raped Mary” to make her pregnant with Jesus. How STUPID is that? Somebody with God’s powers wouldn’t NEED to “rape” Mary to make her pregnant. He could “snap his fingers” and she’d be pregnant. That’s a good illustration of the narrow thinking of liberals. They think God has to obey the same rules they refuse to obey. Such people ought to keep their pie holes shut to keep from illustrating their ignorance.

SO SHE LIED: So what? There’s a persistent advertising campaign talking about various celebrities LYING in support of their products by saying they use them when they don’t. It started with Oprah, went on to Ellen De Generes, and is now using Sandra Bullock. Who will be next? And who CARES? This campaign is very irritating to me, and I’m sure many others. If I were to wish to buy the products they’re pushing, I’d be sure now to NOT buy those so advertised.

GAYS CAN REFUSE: Courts have held that Christians cannot refuse to do anything for gays, But the same courts are now ruling that gay-run bakeries don’t have to do things for Christians. What gives? Are the militant gays “taking over” the courts? Is what’s good for the goose NOT good for the gander? Where do the courts get off allowing gays to discriminate against Christians while Christians are not allowed to discriminate against ANYBODY? I never thought there’d ever be a term like “militant gays” being taken seriously.

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