Saturday, December 20, 2014

Take That, White Cop Hatwrs!

A cop in San Diego was asked for a dime by a small black boy in a McDonald’s. Instead of “blowing him off,” as many do when people try and beg money from them, he bought the kid’s lunch and changed that kid’s opinion of all white cops forever. Then he walked out and was shot to death. He spent many deployments in Afghanistan and came back alive. But, for him, it was more dangerous at home. His last act was a kindness. Take THAT, you white cop haters!

SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: My computer developed constipation as I was updating my blogs, so I couldn’t do anything with this one. I had to take it in for a “high colonic.” It was like taking a human to the hospital. I took it in and sat in the waiting room while they worked on it, waiting to see if it lived. It did, so here we are.
ALWAYS BE FOOLS: A victim of the Boston bombing who now only has one leg confronted a demonstrator IN FAVOR of the bombers and got a snotty response, predictably. This just proves there are no shortage of FOOLS in this country. Why ANYBODY would demonstrate in FAVOR of the Boston bombers is beyond me except for the prevalence of IGNORANCE. Maybe we should take people like that and blow up some of their relatives so they can see what REALITY is like.

WHO MADE HER GOD? University of Michigan Communications Dept. chair, Professor Susan J. Douglas says, “It’s okay to hate Republicans.” Who the hell made HER God? Where the hell does she get the right to give people “permission” to hate Republicans? Then she goes on to list all the STUPID things she believes in. Like global warming, which has been DISPROVEN so many ways it isn’t even funny! What unmitigated ARROGANCE she has. I guess she must think being a PROFESSOR, she must have the right to give, or withhold ALL rights! Somebody needs to slap her down.

DISAGREEING WITH LIBERALS: When you do, stand back unless you want to get hit with spittle. They claim to be for “freedom of speech,” but the only freedom of speech they recognize is if it agrees with their own. They have no cogent argument in response, so they immediately start insulting you and calling you names, while the spit flies from their wide open pie holes. That takes about thirty seconds…or less.

THIS IS ISLAM:Today in England many former Muslims are living in hiding, fearing for their very lives. They’ve fled Islamic communities from all over the world seeking refuge but finding only terror… even in England.” This is not even an Islam-run country—yet. A young Pakistani converted from Muslim to Christian and had to flee his homeland, But other Muslims found him in England, stabbing him, beating him, and leaving him for dead. For the “crime” of converting AWAY from Islam. This is how Islam became “the fastest towing ‘religion’ in the world.” People stay Muslim so they won’t get killed. Converting from Islam is a death sentence. That doesn't mean they're REAL Muslims. Fortunately, he survived. They’ll probably try again.

ISIS GETS WORSE: You thought they couldn’t get any worse? ISIS murders people for not believing the “right way.” They rape women in front of their husbands and children. Then they murder them, and their family. They force women into sexual slavery. They BEHEAD people, even CHILDREN. Now they’re selling their organs to make money. I guess they’ll even kill the donor to order to fill a “special order.” These people are the scum of the Earth, and should be shot on sight. That’s what they’d do to you, especially if they need your organs to sell. How do such foul subhumans gain as much influence as they have? By threatening DEATH for so much as disagreeing with them.

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