Thursday, December 11, 2014

Obama: America Is Racist!

Surprise, surprise! That’s what he’s been trying to make us think since he was elected by all us “racist folks,” TWICE. But he can’t answer the question, “If we’re so racist, how did YOU get elected, TWICE?” How did all the other black politicians get elected? The only racists in this picture are Obama and the black people (not ALL of them) he has inflamed against white people for his own purposes. The accusation of racism has become so common, from letting a fart in an elevator to disagreeing with his policies that it has become meaningless.  Nobody cares if fools like him call them racist, any more.

WHY OBAMA HATES FOX: They tell the truth. They hold nothing back. They don’t “march to his tune.” Obama hates ANYBODY who does that. “Judge” Jeanne Pirro is a good example: she recently ”spanked” Obama for his racism, asking, “Why is it we only hear from him when the death is of a person of color?” This (the truth) would have gotten her fired at any other news source, but she’s safe at Fox. And Obama hates that. This is not the first time she has “spanked” Obama. Previously, she charged him with “An agenda based on race,” and she’s absolutely right. But it does get lonely being truthful in this administration.

OBAMA LIED: Professor Gruber, the “architect” of Obamacare, “admits” before Congress, that Obama lied about Obamacare. Surprise, surprise! He’s been “trumpeting” that for years (and nobody took notice until recently). Why SHOULDN’T he “admit it” before Congress? Of course, we know that anything Obama says is going to be a LIE. That’s all he knows how to DO! I’d be interested now to see what effect this has on Obama’s future. I suspect it won’t make much difference, as his supporters “dump on” Gruber, calling him a liar, and everything else they can think of.

TORTURE REPORT OUT: The liberals have finally released their “torture report” to use in condemning Republicans, who seem to be the only ones DOING the torturing, just in time for the election of 2016. They “gloss over” just what IS “torture,” but make it sound good. The “point man” on the release is, of course, none other than Sen. Feinstein, noted “gun-grabber.” Frankly, I think this is an “exercise in futility.” The Islamic terrorists deserve whatever they get. Nobody criticizes them for torturing, and even BEHEADING their prisoners (Some even CHILDREN), as usual. The only time liberals are interested is when WE “torture” someone, even if he richly deserves it.

SHERIFF JOE HITS BACK: The news last week was a court ruling that went against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his pitched battle with Obama over enforcing laws against illegal aliens. Now Joe has “hit back,” filing a suit to DEMAND that Obama enforce the immigration laws as written. Obamna has given orders that illegal aliens NOT be arrested, UNACCOMPANIED by an law, or even an executive order. Just HIS “edict.” That this is illegal and unconstitutional is obvious on its face. But this is not the first time Obama has “given the finger” to the Constitution. He’s got an implacable enemy in “Sheriff Joe.”

NOBODY CARES: Liberals have just come out with their “report” about the “torturing” of THREE bloody murderers, ten years ago (during Bush’s administration, of course). But frankly, I don’t care. And neither does anybody else who has any intelligence, at all. Only elite liberals care. The people they’re “wringing their hands” over are people who behead CHILDREN; rape and murder women all over, and even children, too; commit mass murder every chance they get. They routinely TORTURE the people they capture—and we should worry about a little WATERBOARDING? I don’t THINK so!

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