Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hurting Muslim Feelings

We (not me) are doing way too many things to avoid “offending Muslims.” What the HELL for? Who the hell cares what Muslims think? This is a CHRISTIAN country. Started by Christians under Christian precepts, Yes, we DO observe “the separation of church and state (which is NOT “freedom FROM religion”) But there is nothing in our rule book that says we must avoid “offending” Muslims, at all costs. They knew this was a CHRISTIAN country when they came here, and they have no right to SAY anything.

AUSTRALIAN MUSLIM ATTACK: The guy who took hostages in an Australian restaurant in Sydney SAYS he is a ‘jihadist.” That he is motivated by Muslim principles. Australia itself says this is an Islamic terrorist action, even though they can’t find (yet) any direct connection between him and any known Islamic organization (which is not necessary for a :lone wolf" operator). I could be wrong, but I doubt Obama will CALL this an Islamic terrorist action. He has his blinders firmly in place where Islamic terrorism is concerned.

GOING THE OTHER WAY: Militant gays “go bananas” whenever a Christian-run bakery refuses to bake a cake for a gay “wedding.” Now, gay-run bakeries are refusing to bake cakes for CHRISTIAN weddings and they think that’s okay. Of course, they are running the BULK of their business away, but many gays. like most liberals, are somewhat deficient in the logic department. So we expect that sort of thing from them. They’ve gotten the power to DEMAND Christian-run bakeries bake their cakes, and apparently they think that gives them the right to REFUSE similar service to “straight” couples soon they’ll insist we stop calling that “straight,”

“BEHEADING TO SAVE LIVES”: Anjem Choudary, the Muslim Imam Sean Hannity called, “One sick, miserable, evil SOB. Now says ISIS beheads people “to save lives.” What kind of sick thinking is this? He says beheading people will make the war end earlier, which displays a complete ignorance of how people in the United States THINK. Unlike other Muslims, who are used to being “ruled over” by Islam, Americans “get their backs up” at such things and will NEVER “end the war” that wey. The easiest way to “end the war” is for Muslims to stop killing innocent people. Instant end to war.

NO NEW IDEAS: Terry McAuliffe, former Democrat Party Chair, and current Virginia Governor, is virulently anti-gun. But he has no new ideas, at all. He just announced several new anti-gun measures, including expanded background checks, limits on how many guns a person can buy in a month, He says the gun buying limit will “prevent criminals from ‘stockpiling’ guns.”  It won’t, since all they have to do is buy them illegally, since they don’t obey laws. Nothing about making it a more serious crime if a gun is used, or any pother measure punishing the USE of guns in crime.

I DIDN’T LISTEN”: Piers Morgan has ADMITTED that he “didn’t listen to the other side as much as he should have” in the gun control controversy. But he didn’t say that he is not the only liberal news person who does the same. Maybe he has realized it, but others haven’t. They continue on, in their sublime ignorance of reality, thinking they’re the “smartest people in the room.” That’s why the news media is going to hell in a handbasket and losing readers and viewers left and right. All except for Fox, Britebart, and a few others, who DO stick to the truth.

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