Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thumbing His Nose...Again

Obama thumbed his nose—again—to the American people when he traded ONE hostage for many criminals who were found guilty of murder by American juries, and when he eliminated the sanctions against Cuban communism in return for nothing more than that. Well maybe some good can come of it. Now Castro can’t blame our sanctions for his country’s poverty, though he’ll probably say it’s still a RESULT of those sanctions for years after they end—like Obama still blames Bush for HIS shortcomings. It’s a dictator’s hallmark to blame others for his own failings,

PAKISTAN’S PISSED! And I don’t blame them. They gave ISIS and other Islamic terrorists “safe harbor” while they murdered and raped and beheaded people elsewhere. Then the other day, they murdered somewhere around 150 people in a Pakistani SCHOOL, many of them students. Talk about “biting the hand that FEEDS you! So now Pakistan wants to make being an Islamic terrorist rate a DEATH sentence. I agree. We should do that, here, too. It’s time we stopped “coddling” them while they rape and kill innocent people, sometimes beheading CHILDREN!

RELEASE IT ON YOU TUBE: Sony didn’t “cave” to Korea on the release of “The Interview,” a movie about the imaginary assassination of the Korean dictator. They bowed to the inevitable when most theaters would not show it. THEY are the ones who “caved” because they didn’t want that fool dictator to blow up any of their theaters. It was a smart business decision because they didn’t want any suits. But to release it on the Internet would get it out without giving them a ready target. Although people like that don’t know about LOGIC and they might just blow something up at random, thinking our wimpy president won’t do anything TO them in response. He has DEMONSTRATED that he wouldn’t.

OBAMA PROMISES RESPONSE: He promises a response to the Sony cyber attack, right after he gets back from his Christmas (Oh, I forgot. His HOLIDAY vacation) in Hawaii. He’s gonna cry. If he can remember why he promised a response, and what to. Meanwhile, Kim gives us the clap. They publish many pictures of him applauding himself. I don’t know what else there is to clap at in N. Korea. And he IS a funny-looking clod. It sure is boring in N. Korea. Except for in the presidential palace and wherever other people there with “pull” reside.

AND NO RIOTS: Criminals make it a “big thing” every time a cop kills a criminal, but when a criminal executes two cops without warning…NOTHING. Not a peep out of the criminals who make so much noise over cops killing crooks that are attacking them. What makes them so mad is that the cop in Ferguson was able to defend himself and kill his attacker. Was his attacker armed? Yes. Michael Brown was so big, he WAS a weapon, himself. The only way to stop his attack was to shoot him, which he did. The cops in New York didn’t have that luxury; they were killed without any kind of a warning. And no one seems to be disturbed at that.

HE’S “TAKING ACTION! Oh, joy! Obama is “taking action against N. Korea! He’s talking about putting them back on the list of terrorist supporting countries because of their cyber terrorism! Boy, that’s REALLY going to hurt them! This is the kind of thing Obama does. The very LEAST he can do and still say he’s “taking action.” That’s why nobody takes us seriously any more. Maybe it’s going to take a strong Republican in office to regain the respect we once had, before the “wimp-in-chief” threw it away.

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