Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pro-Gun Not Extreme

It’s a standard scam liberals use to “marginalize” anybody who disagrees with them on any issue. Paint them as “extremists.” That’s what they do in the gun dispute, the dispute over gay “marriage,” etc. Outside of calling their critics “racist,” that’s one of their favorite scams. One of the first political pamphlets I ever wrote was entitled. “I Am An Extremist!” A parody of what liberals of the day considered “extreme,” in that I was “extremely” disturbed by Kennedy selling jets to the enemy, for instance. With that as an indicator, I guess I AM an “extremist.” Even today, considering what liberals are doing to us.

BOXER DIDN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: She tried valiantly to make a “cultural reference” and failed miserably, not knowing that “50 Cent” was NOT a “musical group,” but a single individual rapper. This is a problem that plagues ALL liberals, who try and make laws about things they know NOTHING about. Just as Obama has made a law allowing him to “take over” the medical business, when he knows NOTHING about it. That's why liberals screw up everything they try, because they're incompetent at anything except conning their way into office.

DO LIKE REAGAN DID: The situation is similar. Jimmy Carter had so messed things up that we were using the term, “Misery Index” to describe life in America under him. Reagan took advantage of that and went after the DEMOCRAT vote, knowing the Republicans were then (like now) in the minority (which is usual when we're in misery). He won, BIG; twice, and changed the country (and the world) for the better, no matter how much liberals disagree. The very fact liberals disagree tells me (if I needed confirmation) he was right.

REAGAN WAS A GOOD PRESIDENT: Liberals disagree, which is not surprising. He set back their socialist plans for years. They labeled him as an old, weak president who couldn’t stay awake at important meetings, and who couldn’t remember doing awful (in their minds) things. They picked on him in every way they could, while he brought the unemployment rate down from double figures to under 4%, and destroyed the Soviet Union (a feat liberals deny, to this day). They jumped up and down and stomped their feet at every one of his moves, but they were the RIGHT moves, which is why they angered them.

ARMING THE ENEMY: Why does Obama send billions of our tax dollars, and many guns and ammunition to the Islamic terrorists, who use them to kill Americans, along with everybody else? If a Republican did something like this, he would be impeached, immediately; before the sun went down. But not Obama. It doesn’t even make a ripple in the liberal media that he is “giving aid and comfort (and arms and money) to the ENEMY.” What’s WRONG with these people? Do they WANT the Islamic terrorists to win? Do they WANT to live under Sharia Law? With Obama, I think simply that HE is a Muslim, no matter how much he denies it. He is also a communist who was BORN to communists, raised by them, mentored by them, and communists and terrorists are his closest friends Is it any wonder this is how he thinks?

AND ANOTHER THING: Obama CLAIMS to be against Vladmir Putin’s  “taking over” in several different countries that USED to be Soviet countries before communism “collapsed” in Russia. But strangely, his feeble efforts do NOTHING to deter Putin. Is he in favor of Russia enlarging their “sphere of influence,” too? Is he PURPOSELY making only feeble little efforts to stop him that have no effect whatsoever? I think we have a bona-fide enemy in the White House, and we need to get him out of there as soon as possible.

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