Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Islam--Fastest-Growing "Religion?"

What? Islam isn’t even a religion! It’s a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits it gives them. It’s growing only by the violence with which it threatens people in the “Third World” who don’t know any better. They seek out simple people who will be susceptible to their preposterous teachings. In countries they control, they do everything they can to KEEP people ignorant because the ignorant are their best recruits. They threaten (and sometimes KILL) ANYBODY who tells the truth about them. They attack and MURDER Christians and members of other religions. When elections occur that might go against them, they bomb polling places and murder voters.

GORE’S GETTING DESPERATE:  He sees his income from his swindle diminishing. He’s now calling his critics names. That’s the usual liberal fallback when they’re questioned and can’t answer the questions. Just call the questioners names and ignore the questions. Now he calls “global warming deniers” Immoral, unethical, and despicable. He can’t answer what they say, so he merely calls them names. Global warming (and its new name, climate change, given it because the old one didn’t work any more) has been DIS-proven so many ways you’d think he’d just “fold his tent and go home.” But he’s not smart enough.

CLIMATE CHANGE MEANS NOTHING: AlGore continues to cite “strange” changes in the weather as proof that he is right. But those “changes” actually mean NOTHING to his swindle. Yes, there ARE some “strange happenings” in the weather these days. But MAN has NOTHING to do with it. It’s an “ego trip” to even THINK man could do ANYTHING about it, for good OR bad. Man cannot change the weather, for good OR evil. He’s just collecting the bucks by insisting man CAN do something to change the weather.

IGNORE HARRY REID: He’s not worth worrying about. Whenever he gets in a “tight spot,” he just “makes it up.” He LIES. And when his lies are shown to BE lies, he just goes right on as if it never happened. Sometimes he even “doubles down” and repeats the lie, with embellishments, and DARES anybody to disbelieve him. A lot like Obama does, but not as well. People are “onto him” and know not to believe anything he says, so his lies don’t do him any good, any more.

DEM CHAIR IS LOONEY: Democrat Party Chairman Debbie Wasseran Schultz says this mid-term election will NOT be about Obama. As usual, nobody will tell us what she’s been smoking. She’s so obviously out of touch with America we can’t depend on Anything she says to be anything but a LIE. The main reason Ovomit keeps her in that job is that she never minds telling such absolutely STUPID lies. Maybe she believes them, I don't know. she is THAT stupid.

COMEDY RELIEF: Maybe we’re trying to divert Putin’s attention from his “takeover” of the Ukraine with comedy. That’s what it is whenever we send “Ol’ Joe” into a conflict. People are soon so out of breath from laughter at his antics and stupid gaffes they forget what they’re doing. Yeah, that must be it. I can’t think of any other reason to send this fool into what amounts to a “war zone.” Maybe Obama thinks he can get rid of him that way.

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