Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hunger In America

HUNGER IN AMERICA: There are two Basic causes of “hunger in America.” One, people using drugs and making themselves unemployable, therefore unable to buy food; and two, Obama’s policies causing massive unemployment. If you aren’t working, you don’t have money; thus, you go hungry. It’s as simple as that. In the most prosperous country in the world, there should NOT be ANY hunger. But this government has CREATED a hunger problem by its misguided, incompetent and stupid policies. But liberal politicians WANT there to be hunger in America so they can create even more policies to “cure the problem” THEY created, but which only make it worse.

“SAVE OUR SOLDIERS”: Rep Steve Stockman, a Republican from Texas (Who else and where else? The Democrats would never think of this) has introduced H. R. 3139, “The Safe Military Bases Act,” a law to reverse Clinton’s misguided order to disarm soldiers on military bases and make them easy targets for crazy killers. This bill should be passed without delay to save our heroes from fools with guns.

WHEN DID RUSTLING BECOME LEGAL? When the government started doing it. They CLAIM they’re just taking the cattle to defray the money Bundy hadn’t paid for “grazing rights” in recent years. WITHOUT a court order. That’s rustling, pure and simple. Ranchers used to handle that with a rope and a tree. But now the government is doing it, it becomes a little more complicated. You can't lynch federal agents without trouble.

BLOOMBERG THINKS HE’S RIGHT: He’s ready to spend $50 million dollars to make anti-gun laws that don’t work. He says he simply wants to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. How does he think he can do that with criminals selling guns out of the trunks of their cars in a back alley somewhere? It’s an exercise in futility. Punish USE of guns in crime. Not people who need them for defending themselves while you go around in a “bubble” of gun-toting thugs surrounding you while you deny us the same right to self-defense.

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN: Only this time it’s not the Nazis doing it. It’s the Russians. The communists. And let no one tell you Russia today is NOT communist. “Communism collapsing” in Russia is a MYTH. Putin is one of the old communists and is running things there the same way as the communists did, He is now in the act of “annexing” (otherwise known as “taking over”) the Ukraine, and let no one tell you he isn’t. And now the “Ukrainian (interim) government” is telling Jews they must “register” as Jews or face deportation. Is this the first move in a new holocaust?

WHAT’S NEXT FOR BUNDY? The feds want us to THINK they have “given up” on collecting the million dollars THEY SAY Bundy owes them for grazing rights. They want us to think they have abandoned that “endangered” turtle” (The same scam they used in Russia with that phony “collapse” of communism that put us to sleep). Harry Reid STILL wants the land for his sun power stations so his son can make more millions. They LEFT, to make the Bundy neighbors and others who came to help “give up and go home.” Then they’ll come back and do a “pre-dawn raid” on the ranch house (while they hold military superiority) and either take Bundy into “custody” to hold for ransom, or KILL him if he resists. Then they’ll go to court and STILL collect from his widow.

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