Friday, April 4, 2014

CAIR Boycotts the Truth

They say it’s “Islamaphobia.” Is that right? Is it “Islamaphobic” to tell the TRUTH about Islam? They ENSLAVE their women. They force them to go around wearing what amounts to a tent because they’re frightened that someone will see what they look like and like it—and they’re not MAN enough to keep their women. They allow just ANY man to WHIP a woman on the street without repercussion if he feels like she did something to “dishonor” her family. But who cares what CAIR boycotts? We don’t want their business, anyway. A Muslim once wrote a book criticizing Jesus. Is that “Jesusophobia?” They talk incessantly about “religious tolerance,” but they are the most INTOLERANT religion ever.

ANOTHER FT. HOOD SHOOTING: The reports say one suspected shooter is dead, but nobody will say who killed him. The question in my mind is, was anybody (but gate guards) armed after the earlier shooting? Did they learn ANYTHING from that? Probably not. Obama was briefed on the shooting and promptly went to bed. That’s what he does when faced by the “comeback” from his fool policies. (Update: They now say four dead, including the shooter, who was KNOWN to have mental problems)

“OH NO; NOT AGAIN!” That’s what Alan West said about the shootings at Ft. Hood, which was the scene of TWO mass shootings recently. Apparently the people at Ft. Hood learned nothing from the first shooting because it appeared only the gate guards and military police were armed—and a soldier without a gun is nothing to a shooter, but a victim. The shooter here was KNOWN to have mental problems, but nobody did anything about him. And he bought that gun LEGALLY at the same store the earlier shooter bought his.

“GUN-FREE ZONES”: Anti-gun fools never learn from experience. Ft. Hood, a military base, is a “gun-free zone,” like all other military bases in America. Schools, too. Is it any wonder schools and military bases are the “prime targets” for people who want to shoot up a place—any place? Notice they never try to shoot up gun shows or gun shops. Because they know they would resemble Swiss cheese soon after (A guy tried it in a gun shop in Indianapolis recently and that’s what happened to him). When are these “anti-gun fools” going to “wise up?” Probably never.

CLAIMS OF DISCRIMINATION: Angela Martin, a senior enforcement attorney with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which is tasked with investigating claims  of discrimination, says they didn’t have to to look very far. She is complaining of—wait for it—discrimination in their own ranks. What kind of a world is it when the very people tasked with stopping discrimination are, themselves, guilty of discrimination? Damn!

SOLDIERS CAN’T BE TRUSTED WITH GUNS? That’s what one retired general said on Fox. He said that’s why personnel on military bases weren’t trusted to carry or have guns in their possession on military bases. Mygawd, how bad is it when we can’t trust our SOLDIERS with guns on base? Is their treatment of soldiers with PTSD so bad that soldiers are so badly damaged they won’t let them near a gun ever again? Do we need a special unit tasked with stopping mass shootings on military bases?

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