Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Manchurian Candidate?"

The Aspen Times asks, “Is Obama the Manchurian Candidate from Russia? I don’t think so. Russia, as a communist nation, is passé. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a threat. It just means it isn’t the BIGGEST threat. I believe Obama is the “Manchurian Candidate” for COLLECTIVISM. Communism is just ONE form of collectivism and it is still going strong. Much stronger than before, since Obama “took over.”

CAIR WANTS AN APOLOGY: They want one from Megyn Kelly after she slammed their efforts to stop the movie, “Honor Diaries” from being shown on college campuses. And why should she? Their efforts are illegal and unconstitutional and in line with their nefarious purposes. They can't understand Americans are protected from such as them. Besides, who cares what they think? Period. Their attempts to stop the showing of ANY movie are absurd and uncalled for. That would be like Nazis demanding an apology for criticism laid on them during WWII. Megyn told them to “Go pound sand,” as she should have.

FOUNDERS HATED “JOB LOCK”: What? The Founding Fathers didn’t even know the MEANING of “job lock” and neither did we until Nancy (Stupid) Peelosi coined the word to make people who didn’t pay attention to politics think the ONLY reason for working is health insurance. What has this woman been SMOKING? What about paying the rent or mortgage, buying food and the other things that are necessary to stay alive? Damn, this woman is STUPID! But that’s apparently a job requirement to work in government these days.

BOOK OF INTELLIGENT DEMOCRATS: I thought about writing a book that listed all the intelligent Democrats out there, but I couldn’t FIND any. It’s like that book I once saw about the “Accomplishments of Liberals.” Its pages were BLANK. There are a lot of subjects like that out there, but not much for the writer. I wanted to write one on intelligent Republicans, but I didn’t find enough of them for a book, either. Maybe half a page, but Democrats have discredited most of them by lying about them.

THEY WANT US TO BE LIKE THEM: Liberals (Democrats) are miserable, and they want us to be like them. They think if they don’t like something, we shouldn’t be ALLOWED to like it. Like the pleasures to be found in a big, comfortable car. I can’t think of a car I more enjoyed driving than an Oldsmobile 88 I once owned. But they got rid of that kind of a car by CLAIMING it was “poisoning the atmosphere.” Whether or not it was, is debatable. But they won the debate by their usual method: twisting the facts. If people like me don’t like something, we simply stop doing it. If they don’t like something, they make LAWS to stop EVERYBODY from doing it.

DEMOCRATS HATE IT: The Supreme Court just removed the “caps” on what people can contribute through political parties or PACs. The Democrats hate it, because that means Republicans can get more money to use in opposing them so all their dishonest fund raising will be worth less to them. They know they can always get money “under the table” and think Republicans can’t. Wake up, people!

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