Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obama To Bail Out Detroit?

I predicted it, and I was right. Obama wants to give Detroit $100 million dollars to “bail them out.” Just like a previous president did to bail out New York City, another Democrat-run city that went bankrupt. You’d think they’d learn, but they don’t, as long as other Democrats still have (or can print) some money. This is how it works. They spend all the money, go bankrupt, and other liberals give them a bunch of OUR money to bail them out, and they go right on spending more and more money to prop up fools who don’t want to work for a living.

“HATERS”: That’s what liberals call anyone who disagrees with ANY of their “giveaway” policies. If we object to our money being taken to provide for people who have been on welfare for several generations, they call us ”racists” because a majority of those people are black or Hispanic. If we don’t want to support women who have many babies because each one is worth a lot of welfare money to them, they call us “sexist,” and “woman-haters.” And it works—with many people. But not with me. I call it what it is, and to hell with the “PC Police.” They can go pound sand.

FAILURE—RAISING TAXES: Continuously raising taxes sends a message the liberals don’t want to send. It says, “We’re incompetent to spend your money wisely, so we need more of it.” So they spend ALL their time trying to figure out how to take more and more money away from us to give to people who refuse to support themselves and depend on the government for the money to live. This is how socialism works: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making “need” a DEMAND on YOUR earnings.

ARE WE DUMB, OR WHAT? We (not me) keep electing people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Peelosi, and Bill Clinton to high office. Now Hillary Clinton is said to have a GOOD chance to become president in the next election. I guess it’s because the “drones” of society have become a MAJORITY, and each one has a vote, which they use to “keep the goodies” coming. One day the “goodies” will run out, and society will die until some intelligent people become the majority and elect some COMPETENT people to office. Then they can start it all over again.

ANIMALS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE? That seems to be true today as out government displaces PEOPLE in favor of a “snail darter” or an “endangered turtle.” They can put you in JAIL for accidentally running over a “jumping mouse” while plowing your fields. Who put such people in charge? We did (not me). As long as we keep putting such people in charge, we will continue to suffer under such stupidity. There’s even a name for them. We call them LIBERALS and we need to get RID of every one of them.

DAMN, I HOPE SO!  Roll Call’s Stu Rothenberg predicted that Mark Udall would LOSE to Corey Gardner in the next election. I certainly HOPE so. I’ve been watching the scurrilous ads he has been running against Gardner while IGNORING the FACTS provided by Gardner against HIM. One ad in particular involved a pretty girl and made some serious charges. His response? Tell us she was an ACTRESS (ignoring the actresses in his own ads) while IGNORING the facts she raised. Not to mention the fact he said categorically he would vote AGAIN for Obamacare. Which should LOSE him the election tight there.

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