Friday, April 18, 2014

Reid's "Hate Speech"

Liberals like to decry what they regard as “hate speech (which us usually telling the truth about them),” but tend to ignore the real thing when it is spouted by their own leaders. Like Senate Majority Leader (for a little while, yet) Harry Reid saying that the defenders at the Bundy Ranch were “terrorists” while the REAL terrorists on the scene are all wearing badges of some kind. They really think that all they have to do is CALL us “terrorists” and people will believe it and react as if it were true. What FOOL this guy is. He needs to be sent back to Nevada with his tail between his legs. We’ll let him keep the millions he has conned out of people using his position.

BLOOMBERG’S PIPE DREAM: He’s spending $50 million dollars to start an organization he hopes will “crush” the NRA (National Rifle Association). He’s a FOOL. His outfit is based on the FALLACY that you can reduce gn violence by DISARMING the entire populace. But such laws as he envisions only disarm HONEST people who DO obey laws. Not CRIMINALS, who do NOT.

LIBERALS HATE TORTURE: Liberals think we shouldn’t use ANY sort of torture on captured terrorists. Not even that mildly discomfort-providing form called “waterboarding.”. But why? If Islamic terrorists capture an American, he’ll be lucky to escape with his head still on his shoulders. At the very least he’ll lose his fingernails and probably his toenails and be crippled for life after they get finished with him. If it's a woman, she'll be raped by all and sundry present. But liberals still think we should treat these savages with “kid gloves” because they could use it as a “recruiting tool.” Frankly, I don’t care how many recruits they get. That just means we need more bullets to kill them with.

HOLDER’S RACIST OPERATIONS: He recently brought charges against a white man who killed an old black man with one punch in a :knockout game attack while IGNORING a multitude of “black-on-white” attacks that are similar because they “are my people.” This is racism personified, and the media ignores it. Just as Congress has done nothing about his contempt charge.

THE NEXT CLINTON PRESIDENT CANDIDATE: He /she hasn’t even been born yet, but I predict he/she will be put forward as a presidential candidate when he/she gets old enough (unless they change the Constitution so he/she can run earlier). They hope they can continue the Clinton dynasty that long. I’m thankful I will not live long enough to see it. Just remember

THE DEBATE IS OVER! GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL! What a damned fool statement to have come out of the mouth of a president of the United States. The debate is NOT over! Global warming is NOT real! It has been disproved in so many ways I’m surprised he even ATTEMPTS to promote it. But then he’s so stupid, he doesn’t realize how stupid that sounds coming from him. But he lies every day so nobody’s surprised.

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