Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Biden: Comedy Relief

I don’t know why they ever let Joe Biden make a speech. He so often says STUPID things and the liberal media yawns. Maybe it’s because they know we need a laugh that they put him out there to say all those stupid things. Maybe it’s just to draw attention to his gaffes and keep our minds off of Obama’s bungles and crimes. Whatever, he makes Dan Quayle look like a paragon of intelligence.

WHY ARE THEY ARMED? The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and members of The Forest Service are armed like cops or even soldiers. Why? I guess it’s just preparation to take over private property by FORCE as they ATTEMPTED to do on the Bundy ranch where they actually RUSTLED his cattle, right before many eyes. But they were ARMED federal agents. 100 years ago they’d have been “rounded up” themselves, and HUNG on the spot. But today, they’re “federal agents” so stopping them from STEALING a man’s cattle would get you a long prison sentence. they failed at that.But they'll be back after the neighbors are gone with a dawn raid and maybe kill Bundy.

BACKGROUND CHECKS “RACIST”: What a bunch of damned FOOLS these Democrat politicians are! How they figure that is beyond any kind of imagining. They just SAY it. They can’t prove it, but that makes no difference to them; they figure if they say it often enough, people will believe it. But they forget one thing: the term, “racist” has been so overused, it is MEANINGLESS now. People just laugh at them when they make that claim.

AMERICANS: “99% POOR, 1% RICH: What a LOAD of bullsh-t THAT is! It completely ignores the “normal,” hard-working people who have enough money to live their lives the way they want to. People who have homes, cars (sometimes several),television sets, (sometimes several), and many of the other things “poor people” just don’t have. Indeed, our “poor” would be considered RICH in most REALLY poor countries. Such as the one where Obama’s brother lives in a hut on a dollar a day.

TOUGH SH-T! The New York Times commiserates with the surviving Boston bomber having to live separated from everybody else, where he can not even PRAY with others. Sorry about that! He should have thought of that before he blew up the Boston Marathon. Does he (and the New York Times) think we really CARE about how he suffers? Poor baby! Maybe if he hadn’t killed and injured a bunch of innocent people for his own purposes, he might even still be free. Maybe he should have thought about that BEFOREhand.

OBAMACARE NOT LOGICAL: I don’t know what Obama and his accomplices are thinking. He says what he’s doing is to “help people who CAN’T AFFORD IT get health insurance at a lower cost.” So he makes a plan that is “one size fits all,” benefits many who don’t need that, costs the insured TWICE to THREE TIMES as much as their old plan with a multi-thousand dollar deductible making it USELESS, and FORCES them to “sign up” for it or pay a FINE if they don’t. What part of “can’t afford it” does he not understand? If they can’t afford what they HAVE, how can they afford HIS plan? OR pay a fine without even GETTING health care insurance? This is not logical. But then, when has ANY liberal EVER BEEN LOGICAL?

SIGNAL: “WE LOST”: You can always tell when a politician cannot say anything more in his own defense when he says, “Let’s put this behind us.” That’s what they always say when they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and can’t answer the “uncomfortable questions” that arise from it. A secondary meaning is, “We just hope you’ll ignore our scandal.” Or they can use the Obama model: “These are just a bunch of phony scandals.”

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