Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lucky to Be Alive

A shooter who walked into a police station and started shooting was shot several times by other cops. But he’s still alive, and lucky to be so. Most would-be mass shooters go where they can be pretty sure there won’t be anybody there with their own guns and well able to do something about him. But like that fool in Indianapolis last year who tried to shoot up a GUN STORE, he now resembles a wedge of Swiss cheese. Obviously it’s not a good idea to try and shoot up a police station.

MUSLIMS AFRAID: They’re so afraid we’ll convert their fools to Christianity they protest even such innocent activities as Easter egg hunts. Meanwhile they work as hard as they can to convert us to Islam. Apparently, they FEAR any attempt to convince other Muslims of the silliness of their so-called “religion.” It IS true that one of the reasons they want to keep their people ignorant in countries is that they control is that only the ignorant will succumb to the silliness of Islam. In this country, they can’t keep all Muslims ignorant, especially the women, so they try and get laws made to STOP any effort to convert Muslims to any other religion.

A disgruntled man walked into a police substation and started shooting. He managed to wound at least one cop seven times but that cop is still alive. The cop shot him and wounded him. Which pretty much tells us the cops were better shots than he was. Of course, that shows the stupidity of going into a place where everybody has a gun is on his hip and knows how to shoot it. And that if you want to do so, you’d better know how it’s done.

WHITE HOUSE INNOCENT? Obama talks endlessly about the “pay difference” between men and women but in his own White House, women only get 86 cents per dollar paid men. When questioned, they say the difference is because of the difference in schooling, experience, ability, etc. But he doesn’t mention such things in his “bad-mouthing” of private enterprise for that “income disparity,” only mentioning the gross figures. I guess that just shows that “If you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones.

ARROGANT PRESIDENT: Have you ever noticed the way Obama struts as he walks up to the podium to give a speech or hold a press conference? Or how he is always looking down his nose whenever he is photographed? How about those ubiquitous pictures with his circular logo behind his head making it look like there is a halo there? What a damned fool buffoon he is! And his sycophants will never notice.”

“MODERATELY WELL PREPARED”: Didja hear about the California man who was put on a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation when it was discovered he had 100 guns and 100,000 rounds of ammunition? In Michigan, he’d be “the last man alive In Detroit.” In Utah, he’d be called, “moderately well-prepared.” In Alabama, a “likely gubernatorial candidate”; and in Texas and Oklahoma, he’d just be “Bubba, who’s a little short on ammo.” It’s all in how you define it, I guess.

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