Sunday, April 13, 2014

Iowa Gets A Tank

This is how Obama is making an army out of local cops. This vehicle, given by the feds to a city of 1500 people in Iowa, not the most “crime-ridden” place in the country, is literally a TANK. What the HELL does a tiny town like that need with such equipment? Just the cost of UPKEEP would be more than their yearly budget for equipment. They probably have two cop cars. Just imagine what kind of ordinance they’re giving Chicago!

KISSING WIFE OF FRIEND: Louisiana Republicans are calling for the resignation of Rep. Vance McAllister because he was seen kissing the wife of a friend. So what? Should we demand Obama’s resignation because he was seen today kissing TWO “wives of friends? He kissed BOTH Kathleen Sebilius and her replacement at the press conference to announce her “resignation” AND the appointment of her successor. So what’s the big deal in Louisiana? Oh, right: he’s a Republican.

WHO CARES WHAT BERTHA THINKS? Bertha Lewis, former CEO of the now defunct and discredited “ACORN” organization (now broken up and re-established under a hundred different names), says that Republicans and other amnesty supporters want “apartheid” in America. And why should we believe anything she says? She was CEO of an organization we KNOW was faking votes for Obama, among other things. So her saying ANYTHING is like hearing the wind in the trees. It means NOTHING.

GOP: “TEA PARTY NOT HELPING US”: Surprise, surprise! Isn’t that the whole thing? The Tea Party was started as a direct RESULT of the Republicans “not helping’ Americans put a stop to Obama’s crap. NOT to “help Republicans,” who weren’t doing anything worthwhile. To REPLACE them and get something DONE.  What disturbs “limousine Republicans” is that they ARE getting things done while THEY (GOP) aren’t.

"TRUST" THE IRS? They SAY people “trust” the IRS and that trust becomes lost in the Lois Lerner controversy. What a bunch of poppycock! NOBODY “trusts” the IRS. They FEAR them because they seem to have no constitutional limits on what they can do. If they figure you owe something to them, they can TAKE your money out of your bank account with NO court intervention. If you don’t like that, you can go into the “IRS Court,” which THEY control, absolutely—AFTER you pay what they SAY you owe. If you lose there (and you will) THEN you can go to a regular court, if you have enough money left after they’ve taken it all. And even if you win (doubtful), it'll take an act of Congress to get paid the money back.

LOIS LERNER HELD IN CONTEMPT: So let’s see how much that affects her life. I’d bet not much, if Eric Holder has anything to do with it. She says she has a Fifth Amendment right, but she WAIVED THAT RIGHT by testifying before she invoked that right. She SAID she was innocent, but wants IMMUNITY before testifying. But if she IS “innocent,” why should she NEED immunity? She needs to end up behind bars, but that ain’t agonna happen. Whatever happens, her career at the IRS is over. But they’ll probably quietly give her an equal or better job elsewhere after the publicity dies down. Or separation with a BIG payday.

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