Sunday, April 20, 2014

Patriots: "Domestic Terrorists"

Senate Majority Leader (for a while, yet) Harry Reid calls the people who came to Nevada to help defend Bundy against the terrorism of the federal government over some unpaid grazing fees they SAY he owes, “domestic terrorists.” Harry seems not to know what a terrorist IS. A terrorist is one who kills innocent people to make a political point. That perfectly describes the federal government of the United States in this case—NOT Bundy’s supporters. And the CHIEF terrorist is Harry Reid, himself. Harry should shut his mouth because every time he opens it, a lot of crap comes tumbling out. Only by the grace of God did the feds not kill anybody--yet.

“DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”: It must be nice to be so cocky you can send armed federal agents onto a ranch and rustle a man’s cattle, CLAIMING he owes you money, then calling him and his friends who rush to his defense “domestic terrorists.” Who the hell does Harry Reid think he is? It is HIS PEOPLE who are the “domestic terrorists” in this scene. Bundy and his people are merely defending his property from thugs with badges. Obama is just as bad. He calls people ”racists” just for disagreeing with him. That's about as cocky as it gets. It must be nice to think you have the right to label people.

WHO KILLED OUR SPACE PROGRAM? Who gave the order for NASA to stop sending rocket ships into space?  Then we went out of the space business and now we depend on Russia and NSA is now in the “global warming swindle” business. What the hell?  Russia got there first, but just barely. We got there later, but our ships were smaller and better. Their ships were big and blocky. Ours were small and sleek. They learned from us  and theirs became smaller and sleeker, while we went out of the space business. Who's responsible for that idiocy?

SLAP IN THE FACE: In Istanbul, Pakistan, Muslims have renamed a library for Osama bin Laden. They say, “To us, he was a hero of Islam.” And these are NOT Islamic terrorists speaking. It is “mainstream Muslims.” He is a “hero of Islam” for masterminding the murder of 3,000 innocent Americans at the World Trade Center in New York City. Which means they APPROVE of his terrorism. To me, that means ALL Muslims are suspect, and are to be scorned and watched carefully everywhere they go.

CONTROLLING YOUR WORDS: Liberals want to be able to control your every word in the future (tomorrow and beyond) because everything you say is “hate speech” of SOME kind. For instance: just mentioning that Hillary Clinton is going to be a grandmother is “ageist” and “sexist” because she’s getting old and she's a woman. Never mind it is the truth, you’re not allowed to SAY it. And this is only ONE place where they want to control what you can say. Calling it “hate speech” is their con. And it’s only gonna get worse. For my part, it’s a bunch of baloney and I won’t participate. I will say what I think is right, and the PC Police be damned.

WRONG WAY TO DO IT: Yes, Bundy may have refused to pay his grazing fees to the feds because he thinks they should be paid to the STATE. He could be right, and he could be wrong. But that’s no reason to send militarily armed men onto his range to rustle his cattle and threaten him and his friends with DEATH if they object. The legal way to do it is to take him to COURT. But the feds like to BULLY people. Unfortunately for them, this time THEY got bullied.

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