Monday, April 28, 2014

He Can Go Straight to Hell

A Muslim IMAM, one Yasir Qadhi, a beneficiary of American education, said that it’s okay to steal the property and the lives of people who do not believe the exact same way HE does. By doing so, he reveals the basic reason behind the entire Muslim war on all other religions but Islam. For my part, somebody ought to stick a spear up his backside and twist it. Islam is NOT a religion. It IS a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits that gives them. People like him show their ignorance with such statements.

OBAMA WON’T SALUTE THE FLAG: Any president who won’t salute the flag of his own country should be removed immediately from office and barred from EVER running for elective office, OR being APPOINTED to any office in the future. What a FOOL we’ve been saddled with for eight years! There is NO WAY such a damned fool could have been elected except to STEAL both elections! But then, nobody has the gonads to do anything about him.

SOUNDS LIKE A LIBERAL: Walgreen’s hired a guy who REFUSES to sell their products. What should they do? As far as I’m concerned, FIRE him. When I hire a man, I expect him to follow my orders. If he doesn’t, he’s GONE before another minute goes by. Liberals don’t agree. They think I hire him for HIS benefit. WRONG!  If I hire ANYBODY, it’s for MY benefit. If he doesn’t do what I tell him, I don’t want him around, so he’s gone. Bye, bye! This happens a lot with Muslims. That’s a good reason not to hire Muslims. That’s not racism, it’s good sense. They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

DO I “HATE” OBAMA? I am asked today if I “hate” Obama as well as his policies. My answer is, “no.” I don’t “hate” Obama, I just have no use for him, OR his policies. His policies are destroying this country as I knew it in my lifetime. He is making of it a “Soviet style” collectivist country, and that infuriates me, so I will do everything in my limited power to stop him. But hate him? No. He’s not worth the effort to “hate” him.

THIS IS WHAT WE’RE FACING: This child attempted to read her Bible during a “free reading period” in her school, and her teacher took it away (confiscated it), thinking it “violated the “separation” principle. Teachers these days think that means NOTHING regarding religion should be ALLOWED in our schools. In actuality, it means the GOVERNMENT can make NO LAWS regarding religion or the practice thereof. How stupid ARE these teachers? They ALLOW the teaching about Islam, saying it’s “multiculturalism,” and can’t see the difference.

“END OPPRESSION OF MUSLIMS”: That’s what one Imam said to Obama while he was in Malaysia recently. I cannot BELIEVE the incredible STUPIDITY of Muslims to even SAY such a thing while their people are murdering, blowing up, and beheading so many people, many of them Americans! Muslims have a lot of GALL to even mouth such idiocy! Obama replied, “Pray for me.” Equal stupidity to ask a PHONY “holy man” to “pray for him.” If Muslim terrorists would stop murdering Americans, we’d stop “oppressing” them.

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