Sunday, April 6, 2014

Astronauts Must Be worried

Since we no longer have a "space program," we have been relying (expensively) on Russia to transport our astronauts to the space station while Russia keeps taking over more countries in their region. We object and add more and more sanctions on Russia. Could they possibly think that will not be hurtful to the American astronauts that have to be carried into space by RUSSIAN space ships? They’re dreaming. And another thing: why are we depending on the RUSSIANS to get our astronauts into space? Why do we depend on people who HATE us for so much? And that includes oil and money from communist China.

SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: No update. I'm sorry, but it just became too late and I just ran out of energy.

NASA ON GLOBAL WARMING: The main reason NASA no longer has a “space program,” the thing that was their ONLY concern for years, is now tasked with promoting global warming and the “regulations” it has spawned. What the hell business it environmentalism of NASA? If they were so stupid as to shut down our space program and rely (expensively) on RUSSIA to get our astronauts into space, why didn’t they just SHUT DOWN NASA? The answer is simple: ANYTHING once started by government will NEVER be shut down. When its function is obsolete, it will just be “repurposed” and continue to suck up tax money.

CAN’T ENFORCE SUCH AN ORDER: In Carroll County, MD, lawmakers are defying a judge’s order not to mention Jesus in their official meetings. What makes atheists (a religion in itself) think they have the right to STOP Christians from praying or invoking Jesus’ name? They say the commissioners “broke the law twice.” WHAT law? ANY law that is contrary to the Constitution is “no law at all and doesn’t have to be obeyed.” That from the Supreme Court itself, in Marbry v. Madison. The “American Humanist Association” wants the court to FINE the county $30,000 per “violation” and give the money to them. Which reveals the real reason for this action: money.

WAR AGAINST RELIGION? More like a war against CHRISTIANITY with schools BANNING ANY MENTION OF Christianity or Christ while FORCING children to go to Muslim meetings or be called racist. And teaching about Islam while banning Christianity and all other religions. You think there isn’t a “war against Christianity” in this country? Now after a County Council in Maryland is fined for just MENTIONING Jesus, a CHILD has his BIBLE “confiscated” by “officials” and told he could not read it in the school, whether in class or not. There’s a basic misunderstanding about the Constitution. It does NOT forbid ANY MENTION of religion on state-owned property. It forbids the making of ANY LAW regarding religion, anywhere. That’s ALL.

POLITICIANS CAN’T BE TRUSTED: Seal Team 6, according to legend, killed Osama bin Laden (or one of his lookalike doubles) and Vice President Joe Biden told the world they did it, naming that formerly little known organization. Since then, after Blabbernouth Biden spoke, many Seal Team members have been attacked, and many killed. Every death of Seal Team members now can be put right at the feet of that blabbemouth. I still think Osama has been dead for years, killed in the bombing of one of his caves by George Bush, They’ve been trying to convince us he was still alive ever since.

“TRIGGER WARNINGS”: Students all over the country are in a drive to force everybody, including their professors to include “trigger warnings” on everything they put out. This is yet another form of censorship by the “PC Police,” and should be ignored by everybody with intelligence. I can’t count the number of times I have been told, “You can’t say that” by fools who think they can control my speech. I don’t respond to that kind of intimidation; actually, I don’t respond to ANY kind of intimidation. If you want to intimidate me, just screw off. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.

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