Monday, April 21, 2014

"Most Transparent"

Jay Carney, Obama’s chief of coverup operations, actually SAID, “This is the most transparent administration ever.” Does he really expect intelligent people to believe that crap? It’s like looking at a turd and saying ?”That floor is clean.” I can’t believe he actually SAID that when he KNOWS this is the most SECRETIVE administration in the history of the country. He must think we are a bunch of fools, and that makes HIM the worst fool around.

REID: THEY’RE TERRORISTS: That’s how he refers to the “friends and neighbors” of the Bundy family, who forced his thugs to “back off” on THEIR terrorism in Nevada. Harry’s son stands to profit handsomely from the “sun power sites” he plans on building on Bundy’s grazing land. The REAL terrorists in the plot are the BLM. They came in and ran his cattle off, killing many of them and burying them in huge, unmarked graves that will be found later. they also killed a bunch of the turtles they SAY they are "defending." THAT”S terrorism. Defending your land is NOT. Harry has again shown himself to be a fool.

LAW AGAINST CRITICISM: In Sweden, you soon will no longer be able to criticize politicians for being incompetent, or even stupid. “A new law will come into effect in Sweden after Christmas 2014, that will allow people to be prosecuted for criticizing immigration or politician’s unwillingness to tackle the issue.” Can prohibition of criticism of Islam be far away in a country that is ALMOST an “Islamic Republic?” And the people allowed it. Can a generalized law against ANY kind of criticism of a government employee be far behind? I’m sure Obama is eying a similar law in America, in spite of our Constitution. He ignores it every day, anyway.

GOVT HIRED HIT MEN: According to former Arizona Sheriff Mack, who was THERE, there were “private contractors” there working for the government, who were SNIPERS. Luckily, the government didn’t give them permission to “take the shot” and kill any of the demonstrators, who were there to protect the property of that rancher in the face of a concerted attack by his government. They had a better idea: back off for now and come at him later, when all those good people were gone.

WILL OBAMA APPROVE KEYSTONE? Doubtful. He doesn’t want ANYTHING to happen that might make us less dependent on foreign oil. And the Keystone Pipeline wound not only do that, it will create thousands of jobs in the bargain—something else he doesn’t want. If that happened, he couldn’t claim so many “hungry people” as his excuse to enslave you. Keystone is NOT an “environmental disaster,” as 85,000 environmental extremists are ready to demonstrate against it say if he approves it.

75,000 PAGE TAX CODE: Does ANYBODY understand it? Even the people tasked with enforcing it? I don’t think so. Especially since 53% of the answers taxpayers get on asking them of the IRS itself. And the IRS won’t even NOT punish a taxpayer who gets in trouble by BELIEVING them. Going on the WORD of an IRS person is NOT a “stay out of jail free card” if you accept his/her word.

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