Thursday, May 1, 2014

Can't Get Past Race

Democrats just can’t get past the “race issue.” Liberal Benny Thompson (D-MS, a SOUTHERN state) said recently that “the only reason we’re against Obamacare is that is was created by a black man.” What a bunch of bullsh-t that IS! But typical of a Democrat. Of course, Benny is black, and was ELECTED by those very whites he insults with his foolish statement. He also ignores the fact that OBAMA was also elected by those “racist” Americans. What kind of a FOOL is he? Oh; he’s a DEMOCRAT fool (a repetition, there). He completely ignores the fact that Obamacare is a TRAINWRECK.

BENGHAZI “MYSTERY”: They keep calling the Benghazi thing a “mystery.” But it isn’t. It’s a MURDER case. The only :”mystery” about it is how Obama and Hillary have managed to keep their involvement in question, even though a majority of Americans KNOW they “engineered” it to cover up Obama’s “gun-running” to Syrian “rebels” (now known to be Islamic terrorists bent on taking over Syria). It must be nice to be a murderer who is IN CHARGE of the means of prosecution, so you can’t seem to be “taken down” by the authorities.

TWO “SPEECH CODES”: There is now, in America, a “double-standard” on what you may SAY. For instance, blacks can use the “N” word, and a white man like me can’t even use it to describe this factor. There are many other words that can be used by certain groups, but not by whites. But I refuse to participate. Except for the “N” word, which I refuse to use on my own initiative, I say what needs to be said, and the PC Police be damned.

CREATING A VICTIM: Yes, Clippers owner Donald Sterling may be a racist in all his dealings. But is what he thinks and does worth a worse penalty than we deal out to MURDERERS? It’s costing him MILLIONS of dollars, not only in fines, but the amount of money he can get for the championship team, the Clippers, in a market that KNOWS he MUST sell it, along with the LIFETIME ban on his presence at ANY team gathering, even a picnic? Do we need to make him a VICTIM? Yes, he may be a “bad man,” but is it worth destroying him because his girlfriend is mad at his wife? I think we’re just making too big a thing out if it.

HOW MUSLIMS THINK: Arizona man Ansar Muhammad beat his wife, choked her, sexually assaulted her, then went to bed. He told her his Muslim faith allowed him to KILL her before he went to sleep. If he thought she would do nothing about that, he was STUPID. She called the cops and had him arrested. I’m surprised she didn’t kill him and claim self-defense. She would have been in the right. Fortunately, this did not happen in a Muslim-run country. She would have been the one arrested and punished for “angering her man.”

“VERY DISTURBED”: Oklahoma officials are very disturbed that a new “drug cocktail” they were using to execute a murderer  didn’t work as it was supposed to work. It didn’t kill him—immediately. He died later of a heart attack. And they’re worried that it could cause a heart attack in people who were supposed to die, anyway. It really amazes me at what politicians get upset about. If it doesn’t kill a man right away, just use something different. You got the desired result, just not the way you planned.

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