Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sorry, Folks

I had to bury my wife of 40 plus years yesterday and I was sick all day in the bargain, starting at 3 AM. I just didn’t feel up to working.

WHY DO WE DO IT? The other day, THREE American doctors who went over to Afghanistan as VOLUNTEERS to help the Afghan people were shot and killed by one of their GUARDS, who were employed to PROTECT them. That raises the question: why do we bother? The Afghan people don’t seem to appreciate our efforts in the first place, and their very GUARDS murder them while they’re trying to help. So why do we BOTHER? You simply can’t trust a Muslim, so why try to help them in any way?

BUNDY NOW FIGHTING RACISM LABEL: They couldn’t take his land away by a frontal attack so now they’re coming at him from behind. The so-called “quote” disparaging blacks that was printed in the New York Times was made up out of whole cloth (Done so by "cherry picking" what he DID say). He said something that sounded similar, commiserating with those who are “slaves” to the welfare system, black or white. Nobody heard it but that one “reporter.” And it’s working. Bundy is now devoting his time to denying racism while the government is still working “behind the scenes” to rip him off while he has his attention diverted fighting the racism label. And now they’ve even gotten to his supporters. It’s a scam that never fails.

PEELOSI WANTS POWER: She was urged by her mother to become a nun, but she refused because nuns have no POWER and priests do. If she could have, she would have become a priest. But church rules prohibited it, so she went into politics instead. Next best thing. Now she’s the MINORITY leader in the House, which just doesn’t suit her. She has tasted the power that goes with being the MAJORITY leader and she wants it back, no matter what she has to do or how many lies she must tell to get there.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: I know it doesn’t seem fair to people who want to live at the expense of others, but forcing insurance carriers to cover you for a condition you already have is WELFARE, not insurance, and is a guarantor of failure for them. Picture this: your doctor diagnoses you with incurable cancer. You have no health insurance for that. So you go out and buy some, and all those expensive treatments you will require are paid for—by someone else. To those who realize they won’t be able to cover such things forever and stay in business, that’s common sense and logic. To those who just want a “free ride,” it’s something they think they're OWED.

DYNASTY AGAINST DYNASTY: The 2016 election is shaping up to be a fight between the Bush dynasty and the Clinton dynasty. So no matter who wins, we lose, anyway. Each family has produced many successful politicians and on the Clinton side, they have all been liberals and socialist-leaning all the way.  On the Bush side, not so much, but they AREN’T conservatives; not by a long shot. So either way, the American people are the losers in the game. Unless we can find a Republican OR a Democrat who is NOT leaning towards socialism and a “New World Order,” as the (now) senior Bush once promoted. If we could just overcome the liberal efforts to discredit our best people, such as Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Allan West, and a few others, maybe we could get something done to carry us further from the cliff edge.

THEY DON’T PAY THEIR OWN TAXES! The IRS has paid millions of dollars in “bonuses” to IRS employees, many of whom haven’t paid their OWN taxes, much like their boss, the Secretary of the Treasury (Tim Geithner). I guess that’s the rule, now. If you’re in the business of taking money away from citizens, they don’t look too hard at YOUR tax returns—if you do, indeed, file any). Geithner “apologized” for not paying his taxes, but that didn’t stop him from being confirmed as Treasury Secretary, nor was he ever punished for it.. Just as non-payment of their taxes didn’t stop many IRS employees from getting their “bonuses” for just “showing up.”

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