Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Both Ends of the Horse

Race whore Al Sharpton has been “outed” as an FBI “snitch.” Why is anybody surprised? He is known to be a confidante of mobsters, who helped him extort lots of money from innocent corporations who were threatened with accusations of racism if they didn’t “contribute” to his “charities,” which he controls, absolutely. The mob may put a horse’s head in his bed in retaliation, which is proper. That way there’ll be both ends of the horse there; him being the other end.

WHAT PART DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND? What part of “We need their oil” don’t oil haters understand? Liberals just aren’t logical. They think they should destroy the oil industry without ever THINKING about what would come next WITHOUT oil. Without oil, most of civilization (which has become used to oil) would collapse. We would go back to the 1800s, where we used Conestoga wagons and lots of horses, including their droppings for transportation and the roads we confidently drive on with the cars that would become nonexistent, would crumble. We would have to go back to using whale oil (oil?) to even have light at night. We eliminated many fires by no longer having to use open flames for light, which would come back and destroy property and kill people.

“THOSE RACIST REPUBLICANS!” That’s a common theme among Democrats, completely IGNORING the fact that, historically, DEMOCRATS have been the racists. They opposed the “civil rights act.” It was a DEMOCRAT named “Jim Crow” that was the nemesis for Martin Luther King and his marches. Many Democrats in CONGRESS, like Sen. Robert Byrd and Albert Gore Sr., among others, are ALL Democrats. I guess it’s the Nazi PR man’s system of “telling a lie and telling it often” at work, here. I’m waiting for a Democrat to call ME a racist. I’ll slap him down before he can get it out of his pie hole.

PROCLAIMING YOUR OWN STUPIDITY: "I'd do it again!" That’s what Colorado Senator Mark Udall said when asked if he regretted voting for Obama’s health care swindle law, “The Affordable Care Act,” better known as “Obamacare,” or “Obama’s folly.” Some people just NEVER learn. I predict that will be the statement that ruins any career he might have had, having infamously voted for that abortion.

HILLARY IS VERY COMPETENT: She is so competent that she LOST $6 BILLION dollars during her tenure as Secretary of State. Gone! Poof! Never to be found! That’s in addition to presiding over the MURDERS of four embassy people in Bengazi, Libya while Holder was “running guns” to Mexican bandits (drug cartels) and Obama was doing the same to Syrian terrorists/rebels. They say she accomplished nothing, but they’re wrong. She accomplished much, but all of it was BAD for America. And they want her for PRESIDENT? Stupid people abound. All Democrats.

STUPID PEOPLE: Aside from many voters, there are many other stupid people in this world. Like the guy who shot up TWO Jewish centers and wasn’t able to kill any Jewish people. Then there are the TWO people who shot up a military base (Ft, Hood).  Then there’s the guy who tried to open the door of an airplane mid-flight, which would have been instant death for him, and maybe for everybody on the plane. The problem with stupid people is, they have no idea they ARE stupid, and most think they’re the smartest people around. They’re that cocky. A lot of them are politicians. Mostly Democrats, but many of them “limousine liberal” Republicans.

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