Saturday, April 12, 2014

Global Warming Is A LIE!

And the proof is out there. NASA itself has announced that this year’s Antarctic ice was the biggest on record. Meanwhile the polar bears are growing apace. There are more polar bears now than ever before. But do the global warming fools take notice of things like that? Not a chance. Like the anti-gun fools they ignore facts that prove them wrong and “cherry-pick” the ones that don’t seem to. Meanwhile other fools send them a LOT of money to promote lies.

DEARBORNISTAN: Muslim parents in Detroit are enraged over an “Easter egg hunt” for children. Why they think they can change our customs when they NEVER give an inch about us “observing” their customs in their countries, I don’t know. They can’t beat us in battle, so I guess they’re going to concentrate on “infiltrating” this country and changing things. For my part, I am NOT going to let that happen. They need to learn they can’t beat us and should just stay away. They are a murderous bunch and should be BANNED from entering the United States so they can’t weaken us from within.

RUNNING AWAY: Obama claims he “ended” two wars, but he didn’t. “Running away” without a clear win is NOT something to be proud of, and that’s what he did in Iraq, and is in the process of doing so in Afghanistan. The Taliban will call that a “stunning victory over America,” and they will be right. But not because of anything THEY did. It will be because of the stupid actions of this president. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer at the very least. I think he IS a MUSLIM but I can’t prove it. But the evidence of how he treats interaction with the Muslims PROVES he is a sympathizer.

WE’RE HIDDEN RACIST BIGOTS: That’s according to liberal propaganda. That’s the only way they can “marginalize” us and make “low information voters” (who pay no attention to politics) think we’re lying when we expose the truth about them. There’s a TV ad running in Denver where a petty girl lays out the REAL reasons Obamacare is a “trainwreck” and tells us we must repeal it. They don’t even ATTEMPT to refute the truth she’s saying (they can’t), but make a big thing about her being an “actress (as if those in THEIR ads aren’t actors!).” Then they go on to tell us how AWFUL her opponent is, without, of course, going into any detail, because there’s no detail to go into. Meanwhile, they STILL can't refute her words.

AW, POOR BABIES! Muslims are again whining about how they’re treated in this country. CAIR is whining about the “bullying” they’re getting from Florida Republicans. Like we care about that. Maybe if they didn’t spend all their time trying to kill us for not believing the exact same way they do, we might be less inclined to “bully” them. In any case, who cares what Muslims think? They’re NOT  “religion.” They’re a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits it gives them. Just tell them to shut up and go away. We’re not interested in their whining complaints.

CALLING THE POT BLACK: That’s what liberals do every time. They HATE us, so they say we hate them; they’re the worst racists around, but they call us racist at the smallest provocation, or even disagreeing with them on ANYTHING. Liberals want to put “deniers” on global warming in PRISON. Some want us executed. These are the very people who SAY they favor “free speech” while doing everything they can to SHUT UP those who disagree with them. I’m sick of it. They can go to hell.

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