Sunday, April 27, 2014

Iran On Human Rights Committee

Talk about bullcrap! Iran has one of the worst records for human rights excesses in the WORLD. But they’re now on the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations? The UN has done many things to discredit themselves in the world arena, but this like of thing is one of the worst things they can do. It’s like they want to “give the finger’ to nations who DO recognize and observe human rights.

HOW VA TREATS VETS: At least one VA hospital (and probably more) has two patient lists: one to publicize, making it LOOK like they have amazingly short waiting times (and on the basis of which people at the VA get BONUSES) and the other (secret list that reflects the REAL number of vets who are WAITING to see a doctor, some of which DIE while waiting. This is a top-down government-run medical service and you can SEE the future of the medical profession in America when Obama’s pipe dream (Obamacare) is fully in command.

TO PROTECT YOURSELF: A former Seal Team member tells us one of the BASIC things we need to know in order to protect ourselves. Dom Raso, who has killed many “bad guys,” puts it simply: “Get your nose out of your phone.” But it’s a little wider than that. It’s “spacial awareness.” Knowing what’s going on around you. Not everybody runs into power poles while walking and looking at their tiny screens while the crooks line up on them. But most people still pay no attention to what’s happening around them and are thus surprised when they’re accosted by criminals and robbed, beaten, and sometimes killed.

IT’S FUNNY TO ME: It seems funny to me that the owner of the Clippers, whose star players are ALL black, is a racist. But I don’t see how the liberal media could have “edited” the clip of him telling his then girlfriend he didn’t want her to bring any black people to his games. Maybe he just wants her to stay away from black guys. But naturally, the liberal media is going to use this to the hilt, to paint all America as racist. That’s their “thing.” It’s “fashionable” now to call as many people as possible racist, true or not.

PROFESSOR DESTROYS ANTI-GUN ARGUMENTS: In one fell swoop, he destroyed the anti-gun freaks’ arguments to keep school staff unarmed as a means to stop school shootings. Eric Diet, former homeland Security Director for Indiana, now a professor at Purdue found that just 10% of school staff and ONE armed security guard would significantly reduce the victims from school shootings. Time is of the most importance, and a shooter can kill many people while the cops are “on the way.”  But with armed staff, his time to kill before somebody shoots HIM is very limited. But will they listen? NO. They’ll ignore it.

AND OBAMA’S HELPING! Muslim terrorists are trying to create a Muslim-run political party in the United States so they can “have a say” in the working of their ENEMY’S government. And the PRESIDENT of that government is helping! What would you have thought if the Nazis had tried to start a political party in the United States during the Second World war? That’s in effect, what Obama is doing. Helping the ENEMY. That should be an IMPEACHABLE offense. But nobody is going to try it. Nobody has the guts.

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