Friday, April 11, 2014

Typical Government Lie

They SAY Medicare covers 80% of your medical bills, but it DOESN’T. It covers ONLY 80% of what they decide your medical bill is. If the bill is $200, they authorize payment of 80% of 100!. That’s only 40% of what the provider BILLED. And that’s ALL they’ll pay. Then we get billed for the rest. Creditors bug us unmercifully for the rest and, even if we had perfect credit before, it’s RUINED by the part of the bill we get billed for, but CAN’T pay because we aren’t working any more, being retired, and on an income a lot SMALLER than before. This is not the biggest con run on the American people, but it’s right up there.

WHY WASTE A GOOD SHOE? Like former president George bush, Hillary was the target of a thrown shoe. What for? She isn’t ANYTHING. She was a failed First Lady whose husband screwed around with every woman he could, except her; she was elected senator as a “place holder” until they could move her into presidential politics—until their plans changed and they ran Ovomit, instead; as a “booby prize,” Ovomit appointed her sec. of state; she was a failed secretary of state, whose major “accomplishment” was to get four embassy staffers killed through her incompetence, inaction, or WILLFUL lack of action. Now she’s nothing, while she waits to be “appointed” presidential candidate again—unless they change their plans again. So why waste a good shoe?

GRUMPY OLD MAN: Many people call me a “grumpy old man.” Guilty as charged. But just as being paranoid doesn’t mean people AREN’T after you, being a “grumpy old man” doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. I now know WHY there are so many “grumpy old men” out there. They’ve been around long enough to see the mistakes made years ago being repeated today and they don’t like it. That’s why I’m “grumpy,” anyway.

ELLEN LIED!: Ellen Degeneres lied about her age! For YEARS! Who cares? Why are they making such a big thing about it? To sell an “anti-aging cream,” of course. Would you believe she has a CONTRACT with “Cover Girl” Magazine to keep her mouth shut about what she REALLY uses so they can sell their line of cosmetics? But she IS free to use what she wants. That’s where they made their mistake. She DOES look terrific, and I don’t care if she’s gay. That’s her business.. She’s actually 67 (almost my age, fergawdsake!) but looks a LOT younger. I’m not going to help sell her product by naming it, but I will say it’s working. She looks better now than in 1999.

OBAMA LYING AGAIN: But is that news? Obama talked about his new HHS Secretary as “being a rock” even when she was BARRED from her office (at the OMB) when the government was FORCED to shut down recently (It WASN’T. It was shut down as a POLITICAL MOVE by Obama to bully Congress into accepting his new spending limits) then he says she was ALLOWED to return to her office after it was all over. That’s a big LOAD of stinky brown stuff (You know what THAT is!) But then that’s what you EXPECT from Obama.

WHO WILL TAKE OVER OMB? The new HHS Secretary leaves a big hole at OMB. But who will fill that hole? Somebody who agrees with Obama’s efforts to make this into a socialist country and doesn’t mind him spending more money than there IS, of course Maybe That’s where Joe will go, to get him out of the way for Obama to select a new VP for the next (he hopes) Democrat presidential administration (Dream on, Barry!).

WHY SO MUCH RIOTING? They’re asking why chaos is becoming so commonplace at America’s universities now. In the sixties it was caused by the socialists and communists who wanted IN to the government. But now that those socialists and communists ARE in the government, it’s now being promoted and facilitated by the Muslim element infiltrating our schools. Look at what they demonstrate FOR and you can SEE the Muslim influence. They’re working HARD to take us over so they can impose their “Sharia Law” and their “religion” on us. They can’t beat us militarily, so they infiltrate us and work for our destruction from within.

ONE DAY LATER: This just proves that the government CAN act quickly if it WANTS to. ONE DAY after Kathleen Sebilius “resigns,” Ovomit names her replacement. Does that mean he has been expecting this “resignation” for a long time and thus had her replacement already picked out when she “made it official?” Probably. The pressure has been intensifying for a long time to get rid of this incompetent woman—and that has NOTHING to do with her sex, so they can shut up about that. I’d bet it won’t be long before we know who will be the new budget director, too. IF that suits Obama's fancy.

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