Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You Can't Make This Up!

Every time I think of something weird to use to ridicule liberals, they do it; and it’s real. Like taxing cow farts or forcing people to use “trigger warnings” on everything they put out or be censored. I could name many more instances of the idiocy they do that I could have used as evidence of their insanity while laughing at them, except they did it before I could. I guess bureaucrats have so much time on their hands as they get paid huge salaries to do nothing; they vie with each other to come up with stupid things to tax us for.

CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS: Former (?) IRS employee Lois Lerner GAVE TESTIMONY before Congress before she first cited her Fifth Amendment rights, which NEGATED her right to the Fifth. You can’t give testimony and then say you have a right NOT to give testimony. She SAYS she did nothing wrong; ad then cites her right against self-incrimination. If she did nothing wrong, why won’t she testify? I guess SHE knows she did something wrong and doesn’t want to be punished for it.  Funny: this is a right the IRS does NOT extend to Americans.

OBAMA: “DEBATE IS OVER”: What kind of fools does Obama take us for? He SAYS Obamacare is working, while we know it is NOT, and never will. Does he think if he keeps repeating that LIE over and over we will come to believe it? Maybe those who pay no attention to politics and are thus ill- or UN-informed will, but NEVER people of INTELLIGENCE who DO pay attention. I guess he’s a serious student of Hitler’s PR man.

PUTIN: “RYAN BUDGET A “JOKE”: So what? Who cares what Putin says? He has proven his incompetence by being a communist. Does ANYBODY expect a COMMUNIST to understand economics? If he did, he wouldn’t BE a communist. But the American liberal media “Gobbles it up” like it was Gospel. That only shows THEIR stupidity. Frankly, it’s PUTIN who is a joke. Or would be if economics were not so important.

“WORKPLACE VIOLENCE”: There’s more to it than just Obama’s refusal to admit the truth so as not to disturb his previous lie that al Qaida was “beaten.”  Al Qaida has proven itself to be definitely NOT “beaten.” The victims of this atrocity, committed by a radicalized Muslim member of the Army who shouted “Allahu Akbar!” before opening fire did not get the money nor the awards that go to people wounded or killed in “action.” Obama needs to “come clean” and ADMIT he LIED when calling this terrorist attack “workplace violence.” It is NOT! I know he knows that, but for his own reasons he will not admit it, while denying those injured and killed the things they DESERVE. That’s about as LOW as it goes! But then, we knew that about Obama. He is a crappy excuse for a president.

Nancy Peelosi said, the 194,000 new jobs created this last month was not nearly enough to counter the losses under the BUSH administration! Under BUSH? Bush’s unemployment numbers were FINE. There was NO “bad figures” under Bush. She must think we’re really STUPID if she thinks we will believe that crap. Or SHE’S the stupid one; or both. I should start a new blog: “The Stupid Things Nancy Said Today.” I’d have plenty of material.

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