Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship

Democrats are running from Obama as hard as they can. 67% of Democrats oppose Obamacare. They’re trying as best they can to DIVORCE themselves from Obama and all his works for a good reason. Standing beside Obama will get them hit by whatever hits Obama. They will be collateral damage” and they want to minimize that as much as possible. So they try and minimize their connection with him. someties by saying Obamacare is not what they voted for, today. But that isn't enough. They need to divorce themselves from EVERYTHING he has done to destroy America.

MUSLIMS DENOUNCE 9/11 MEMORIAL: And its ACCURATE portrayal of what happened. So what? Who the hell cares what the Muslims think? They CREATED the 9/11 atrocity and we should listen to their appraisal of our description of it? Boy, these Muslim terrorists have a lot of GALL! Maybe we should just shoot the ones who complain. Then they wouldn’t complain any more. That’s what they’d do to us in a country THEY control if we complained about ANYTHING. Or they’d behead us.

CLOONEY LOVES OBAMA: And he won’t “sit at the same table with someone who insults him.” That’s what he said when he threw a “hissy fit” over hotel tycoon Steven Wynn calling Obama an “a-shole.” He ended up “dropping an ‘F bomb’ as he left.” Real classy guy. But who cares what a fool like Clooney thinks? Obviously, he has his “rose-colored glasses” firmly in place when he looks in Obama’s direction. He can’t see how Obama is WRECKING this country. Or if he does, he doesn’t care; in which case, he’s a fool. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t watch ANYTHING he’s in.

YOU CAN’T TRUST A MUSLIM: To be anything but a Muslim. In Afghanistan, they hire Muslims for their security services who are SUPPOSED to protect people. But then one turns out to be a terrorist and it is too late for THREE DOCTORS whom he kills. Doctors he is supposed to be PROTECTING. Somebody should have shot and killed HIM as soon as he did it. It’s the only thing Muslim terrorists understand. There’s a prominent sign saying “No Guns” in two languages at the entrance to that hospital, but that, as usual, didn’t stop the shooting because the gun was in the hand of those PROTECTING the doctors.

WHY KEEP CALLING US RACISTS? Liberals call us racists rather than answer the very REAL questions we ask. That’s their way of ignoring the problems they have created and which we ask them about. The fact is, Democrats have ALWAYS been the racists. They CREATED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to stop blacks and Jews from being able to vote. They OPPOSED the “Civil Rights Act,” which was a REPUBLICAN measure. Top DEMOCRATS in Congress have been former KKK high-ranking members. Martin Luther King battled DEMOCRATS in his marches. “Jim Crow” was a Democrat. And they DARE to call US racists!

WHY DOES GOD ALLOW BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN? A lot of people ask that question, and I know the answer. I am not big on organized religion, but in my early years is DID read a Bible in my study of ALL religions to find SOMETHING that runs through all of them. If people would actually READ the Bible instead of just "scanning" it to find something to support wehat they do, they might know this. What I found was that God does NOT “control” what happens here. He’s like the cops. He “cleans up afterwards.” He gave us “free will” and that includes being able to do bad things as well as good. I believe in a “superior intelligence” that organizes this complicated universe. I’d be a fool not to. But my idea of what form it takes might not be the same as yours.

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