Thursday, April 3, 2014

EPA Taxing Cow Farts

The “National Journal” says the EPA is looking to apply a tax on each cow a person owns because it is ASSUMED every cow farts. And the methane gas released when they do contributes to global pollution so they want to profit from it. Nothing is being said about farts coming from other animals, or even man, but I’m sure that’s coming, as they begin to realize what a moneymaker this is. Every living thing farts, and if they can tax everybody for that, they con us out of a LOT of money.

WRONG AGAIN: Charlie Rose said, in 1984, that we only had about 20 years before “the end” if something is not done. That was THIRTY years ago and, like with most global warming predictions, it was wrong. AlGore himself, the “messenger” of global warming said, MANY years ago, that we only had about 15 years. I don’t know exactly how long ago he said that, but it was a LOT more than 15 years. All these “sky is falling” fools have been wrong, but “believers” never “call them” on it, and the predictors never acknowledge or apologize. It’s like a religion. If you’re not a “believer,” you’re pressured to keep your mouth shut so you won’t be shunned by your “friends.”

OBAMA’S VICTORY LAP: He went on television recently and touted the number of “sign-ups” he got on the last day of his sign-up period. He said than maybe the act didn’t “cure” all then health care insurance issues yet, but it will. Oh? Just because you threatened seven million sheep into “signing up” for your con doesn’t change ANYTHING about it, EXCEPT for the number of SUCKERS who have “bought” your “pig-in-a-poke.” He says it is now “repeal-proof.” What a damned fool statement THAT is! NO law is EVER “repeal-proof.” The law enabling slavery is a good example.

SHOULD BE EXECUTED: Rabble-rouser Michael Moore thinks GM’s CEO should be imprisoned and executed. The Saudis just made a law condemning “unbelievers” as terrorists. I guess it’s common for people who want to run everything to wish for DEATH for people who disagree with them. And these are the people who are SUPPOSED to be against the death penalty.

“DEBBIE LIED”: The Washington post fact checkers said Debbie Wassermann Schultz lied when she said “60% of women use birth control for other than family planning.” No sh-t. Why don’t they “fact check” her on other things she says? Like most fervent Obama supporters, she lies every day. There’s nothing surprising about it. She’s an accomplished liar. She HAS to be in order to cover up all Obama’s crimes. Bear in mind this is the Washington POST, not a “conservative mouthpiece.”

“WHY DIDN’T YOU CORRECT THE RECORD?” That’s the question asked in the House hearing on the Benghazi murders about former UN Ambassador Susan Rice going on numerous talk shows the Sunday after four American embassy workers were murdered there by terrorist murderers after it was found (according to the government) NOT to be a heretofore unknown video at fault. The CIA agent (former CiS Director) being questioned didn’t understand the question.

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