Monday, April 14, 2014

Selective "News"

What’s most important to the three major news sources, ABC, NBC, CBS? Hillary’s six-year-old answer to a question about how she wanted to be addressed when she was president. Meanwhile, Congress referring Lois Lerner for a felony contempt citation to DOJ was ignored entirely, except for Fox, which devoted an entire story to it. And they say Fox lies, while THEY are the only ones who tell the truth. Yeah, right! MAYBE the liberal media tells the truth, IF they cover it at all! Meanwhile, ABC “doubles down” on a Republican scandal while ignoring Democrat scandals completely. Go figure. Did someone say, “dishonest coverage?”

THE PAYOFF DIDN’T WORK: Obama has been dangling a big payoff in the faces of educators nationally to accept and use “Common Core,” which represents a federal takeover of our schools—which is unconstitutional. But as people become aware of just what Common Core really is, they start “picking it apart” and telling him that, in spite of the bribe he's offering, they want no part of it. And the trend is becoming more and more prevalent as time goes along. Of course, once you take the money, it becomes harder and harder to get out of it, which means there’s going to be a BIG fight about it, and soon. It’s a brainwashing plan and nobody (who knows what it’s about) wants anything to do with it.

THE FOX “INVESTIGATES” THE HEN HOUSE: Congress just sent a referral to the Department of “Justice”  (DOJ) for contempt of Congress against Lois Lerner for her actions in ordering harassment and delays for all conservative organizations seeking tax-free status and refusing to answer questions about it.. The IRS is under the DOJ in the first place, so that means they are “investigating” THEMSELVES. Do you think they will EVER come back with a meaningful finding against Lerner?

TIME AFTER TIME: A man who has numerous arrests for DUI caused an accident that KILLED a least one child in a day care center in Florida. Why was this man still allowed to drive? Why wasn’t he in prison as a “serial offender?” It’s an old story, and one I’ve seen happen TWICE in recent years, just in the Denver area. This is a problem that needs solving, but will our politicians solve it? Doubtful.

JAILING CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS: Some of the people pushing climate change (formerly called global warming before they discovered the globe wasn’t warming) want to put “climate change deniers” in PRISON. I guess they think it’s a crime to disagree with their pipe dreams. They have no more arguments to use without repeating their lies, so now they just want to “shut us up.” Liberals are that way. When they run out of arguments (usually in the first 30 seconds) they just want to get rid of us, the quickest way they can.

THE “FINAL SCORE”: Ovomit says Sebilius is the reason that, after a “rocky start,” they now have the “final score” on Obamacare. But do we? And IS she responsible? Obama said so, so it’s doubtful. And we haven’t seen the “final score” yet. Not even CLOSE. The “final score” will be seen when Obamacare is just a “distant memory,” one we will want to forget. He thinks 7.5 million people “signed up” (if they did) because they LIKED Obamacare. They didn’t; they signed up because they didn’t want to get fined for NOT signing up.

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