Monday, April 7, 2014

Harry Reid Is Subversive

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a fool who thinks the Koch Bros. Are “un-American because they don’t believe in his un-American policies. I guess with the CRIMINAL organization running this country right now, that’s what it takes to be, in his eyes, “un-American.” Where the hell does THIS criminal get off calling good people “un-American? Somebody needs to cut this fool off at the knees. I guess he got tired of calling us liars and racists and needs some new material.

MUSLIMS MISTREAT THEIR WOMEN: They force them to go about wearing what amounts to a “ome-person TENT because they are so fearful of their own ability to keep their women if someone else sees their beauty; they publicly BEAT them if they show so much as an ankle. They forbid them from going about without a male family member accompanying them. Now an Imam is asking homeless women in Syria to submit themselves as “sex slaves” to “sex-deprived men.” They APPROVE of sex with CHILDREN. Yet they SAY we’re “depraved!”

MY CRITICISM IS DESERVED: Some people accuse me of being “overly criticizing” of people, and they would be right except for one thing: the things many politicians do EARNS such criticism, and the amount of criticism I give them is not nearly enough. I can’t possibly make up some of the stupid things they do. My mind isn’t that depraved. My criticism is NOTHING compared to what they have EARNED. They accuse me of a certain “lack of respect.” But respect must be EARNED, and they do everything they can NOT to earn my respect.

LIBERALS ALL FOR FREE SPEECH: Unless it disagrees with their preconceived notions. They yammer on all the time about “free speech” until they run into someone who doesn’t agree with them; then they want to just “get rid of them.” Like the CEO of  Mozilla, who expressed his support for “traditional marriage” over the PARODY of marriage supported by gay activists, who has now resigned over this. I have nothing against gays. But I REFUSE to allow them to usurp the WORD :”marriage.” Will they try and get me fired? Can’t be done. I work for MYSELF and I will NOT fire me. Those fools can go to hell.

TALIBAN HATES ELECTIONS: Because elections mean FREEDOM and they’re against that—for anybody but themselves. So they try every foul tactic they can to “derail” elections. In Afghanistan they blow up polling places and kill people for the act of voting. But they can’t stop the people. More people than ever before have turned out to vote in SPITE of their drastic violence. Maybe they’ll figure out, after a while, that their violence doesn’t work. But probably not; they’re too stupid.

FT. HOOD DEFENSE: Major Hasan shot up a military base and killed many soldiers. Soldiers who SHOULD have been able to deal with such as him easily, except Bill Clinton decreed they be UNARMED while on their military base. What his reasoning was, I don’t know. But liberals are not known for their logic. All such shootings have happened in paces where guns are PROHIBITED. Criminals and crazies do not obey laws. That’s an INVITATION to crazy people to come in and kill people. In one case, a shooter ran into a small female in a CHURCH, who was legally armed, and “took him down” immediately. We need to hear about more such cases.

CONGRESS UNDERPAID? What a JOKE! Congress members underpaid? Each one gets more than $100,000.00 a year, more often up to $200,000.00 a year. For doing what? Lazing around while paid “assistants’ read and “summarize” (hopefully correctly) the bills they pass into law without ever reading? I wish I could be so “underpaid” as they are. They make a lot of noise about “greed,” but are the most greedy fools around. And that $100 grand isn’t all they get; graft amounts to even more than that. They come to DC broke, and leave multi-millionaires. They should just shut up and start READING the bills they pass into law.

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