Saturday, November 5, 2016

"It'll Be Sexism"

Obama says, “If Hillary loses, it will be because of sexism.” Well, I guess a lame excuse is better than none. Never mind her e-mail scandals, Bengazi, and the four dead heroes, and her indifference to them. Forget she is now involved in a child sex ring with her lesbian paramour, Huma Abedin. Never mind the fact that she is about to be indicted on several felonies. It’s all because she’s a woman, and you know how Americans hate women. Uh, yeah, right! I'm an American, and I v=certainly don't hate women!

THE WAR AGAINST COPS: The war against cops started in Ferguson, MO, by those who started the “Black Lives Matter” crowd (unless they’re cops, of course) is a success. At least in their opinion. Police deaths from ambush are up 28% from 2015. That’s what they’re after, isn’t it? Dead cops? Do they really think that will make cops shooting black criminals go away? Not a chance. With cops “being nervous” at the knowledge they have a target on their backs, that can only INCREASE cops shooting quicker than before.

ARE LIBERALS STUPID? They’re running ads criticizing senate candidate Darryl Glenn, (in Colorado) for “not believing in global warming,” which is one of the biggest SCAMS going, and “being against abortion,” which is MURDERING defenseless INFANTS before they have even had a CHANCE at life, for the “convenience” of their parents, who just want to have unprotected sex without having to raise the result. They cite these as “negatives,” but they are POSITIVES to human beings. They won’t convince ANYBODY but a confirmed Democrat (liberal) not to vote for him, when they wouldn’t, anyway. They're too stupid.

HILLARY: “WIDELY LOVED?” The Atlantic is asking “Why is Hillary so widely loved?” Which shows their ignorance. She isn’t nearly so “widely loved” as they would like us to THINK she is, which is why she has to PAY people to attend her rallies, to make it LOOK like her supporters are more numerous than they are. And she keeps people from knowing that she sends out thugs to beat Trump supporters up, as they did to that homeless woman trying to protect Trump’s “Walk of Fame” star. We’ll soon find out the truth—in just a few days, when we have the only poll that means anything and she LOSES in a landslide.

CALL THEM “COMRADE”: This is a good example of how brazen communists have become in America. I remember a time when to BE a communist was a CRIME. Now one teacher’s union is telling its members not to call students “boys or girls,” but to call them “comrade,” which was what everybody in Russia called each other during the communist disaster there, for 75 years before it collapsed. Fortunately, this happened in Canada. But how long will it be before it comes here? One KNOWN communist actually got appointed to a high position (an illegal one) in Obama’s government! Although, due to the outcry, he had to resign in a few days.

BLAMING US: As usual, the liberals are telling the world we are doing what THEY have been doing, all along. Bill Maher says he “doesn’t trust the GOP not to hack the voting machines.” Of course, the Democrats AREN’T “hacking” them. They come right from the Soros factory set up to change GOP votes to Democrat votes. And that has been PROVEN! The only ones that have been found changed GOP votes to DEMOCRAT votes. Which tells me a lot. That appears to be a “usual liberal scam,” just recently discovered. Which, of course, they deny.

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