Monday, November 14, 2016

In Trouble Again

They just won't leave George Zimmerman alone. They must have people following him around to "report" anything they can to make him look bad. Or they've got vindictive people who take everything he says, or does, out of context to hurt his image. Now we've got some people who say he was heard to make a racial slur at a bar. I don't know if it's true, or not. I suppose we'll never know, because there's no proof, either way. As usual, they again make a big thing about Trevon Martin (the black thug he killed in self defense) being an "unarmed black teenager," which ignores the fact he was beating Zimmerman's head against the concrete sidewalk in an effort to kill him when he was shot. No one mentions Martin was trained in unarmed combat and Zimmerman was NOT.

"WHY BE GRACIOUS? Alisyn Camerota, on Thursday's New Day, expressed wonder at "why Obama had to be "gracious" to Trump the other day. Which raises a question I have asked: "Why does TRUMP have to be gracious to Obama? Obama represents everything Trump is AGAINST. Yes, I know, it's "tradition." But it's not COMPULSORY. Trump being "gracious" to Obama goes against everything Trump IS. What's the purpose? Just get out of the White House on time, Barack!

OBAMA "HOPEFUL": He's hopeful Trump will see fit not to prosecute Hillary. Wow! that's admitting a lot! It's admitting that there is REASON to prosecute her and he hopes Trump will forego it. Again, Democrats don't want anything to happen to the woman who they tried to "anoint" as president--and failed. There was just too much against her for her to be elected. Not only her CRIMES, but her SOCIALISM, which Americans want no part of. But prosecution is necessary to find finally, her guilt or innocence. I think she's "guilty as sin." But it still needs to be proven, one way or the other.

"REALLY GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS": Trump said, after his visit with Obama in the White House, that he recognizes some of his (Obama's) "really great achievements." But I don't have any idea what he's talking about. I don't know of ANY "great achievements" that can be attributed to Obama. It must be just the usual "political BS" you hear after an election. As is his suggestion that he MIGHT just "amend" Obamacare, rather than repeal it, as promised. I don't really think he will go back on his biggest promise. I think the liberal media is ASSUMING he will, from one "conciliatory remark."

OOH, I'LL BET THAT SMARTS! A burglar was confronted by a homeowner and fled into the nearest woods, where he ran headfirst into a tree. He was found, unconscious, by the cops, and arrested. Talk about an inept burglar! Oh, well, burglars are not known for being the "sharpest knives in the drawer." They aren't too smart, or they'd get regular jobs (if Obama leaves them any) instead of trying to TAKE what they want and taking a chance on going to jail, or running their head into a tree.

GOOD FOR COMEY! Hillary blames FBI Director Comey for her loss in the election that was supposed to "anoint" her as president, after she "went through the motions" of campaigning when she KNEW the "fix was in." But it WASN'T in. Trump won by way too much of a margin for the chicanery of the Democrats to be successful. They didn't plan on that, so they had to find a scapegoat, I guess, and Comey was it. Of course, he's going to lose his job, but he would have lost it, anyway, when (IF) she became president. Or WILL he? Maybe Trump will attribute his victory to Comey, too, and retain him as FBI Director, or even PROMOTE him to be Attorney General.

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