Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sanctuary Cities Will Fight

The mayors of "sanctuary cities" say they will fight Trump on his threat to "call them" on their lawlessness. Good luck, folks! You're gonna need it, since your very POSITION is breaking the law. And the only reason you got away with it this long is because Obama is all FOR your lawbreaking. Trump will simply enforce the law, and you're gonna lose, and lose, BIG! The days of liberals running things in Washington are OVER! At least, until they can undermine all that conservatives do.

OBAMA TO BE A PROBLEM: Obama is telling his idiot supporters "not to worry." He's going to return to "community organizing," but now on a federal level. You know what "community organizers" do, make trouble for the people trying to run things, whether they're good, or bad at it. So he's going to "hang around" in DC and continually make trouble, unlike other "reasonable" former presidents. Most of them just keep their mouths shut, but not Obama. He just HAS TO "keep his oar in the water," even if he causes the boat to sink.

DELUDED GUN-GRABBERS: The "medical profession" has put out a "study" that they say "PROVES" that "gun control works, in spite of incontrovertible evidence it does NOT. They talk about the "fact" that, where there are tight gun laws, there are fewer murders, which IGNORES Chicago, the murder capital of America, with its very tight gun laws. They talk about Florida's "stand your ground" law as creating more homicides. What they don't tell you is they are JUSTIFIABLE homicides as honest people "kill off" the criminals.

CHICAGO AGAIN: Gun-grabbing liberals think their useless gun laws work. They've even got a silly "study" by the medical profession (the MEDICAL profession!) to "prove it." They talk about areas where gun laws are tight, murders go down. WHERE? Chicago is one of the best known places with tight gun laws. At the same time they are the "gun murder" capital of America. LA, NYC, and many other cities run by liberals have similar statistics, just not quite so bad as Chicago. Where do they get the IDEA that tight gun laws equal fewer murders? In their DREAMS?

CANADA IS A GOOD PLACE: Many "celebrities" have pledged to move to Canada if Trump is elected president. Trump was elected, in spite of their empty threats. Maybe nobody CARES if they do. But I notice none of them has made any move to do so. I'd like to recommend Canada as a good place for them. They are all socialists, even if they don't know it, and would not admit it, And Canada is much further along the road to a "socialist utopia" than we are. In fact, it is a socialist COUNTRY! They'd be happy there--as long as they stayed out of the way of the French Separatists, that is.

"RUIN THE CULTURE": The New York Times is worried. They're worried that Trump is going to "ruin the culture" of Washington, DC. I'm not surprised, since Trump PROMISED to "ruin the culture in DC." He promised to turn that town on its head, and that will "ruin its culture." The DC "culture" NEEDS to be "ruined, and Donald Trump is just the man to do it. What the NYT thinks of as the "culture" of DC is LIBERALISM, which needs to be REMOVED. And Trump will see to its demise.

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