Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So What Law Was Broken?

The Denver Sheriff's Department is being "fined" (extorted) by the DOJ for refusing to hire non-citizens as deputies. If I were the sheriff, I'd SUE the feds for attempting to "enforce" a NON-EXISTENT LAW. Because I KNOW there can't be a law requiring such hires, and the feds don't have the power to enforce it, if there were. This is a typical example of the Obama administration disregarding the law in its operations, and should be IGNORED by the sheriff. This is just another money grab by Obama.

"RUDY'S NOT QUALIFIED!" I've heard this song somewhere before. Oh, right! It was in the general election where they kept repeating (with no evidence to back them, as usual) that TRUMP was "not qualified" to be president! Now they're using the "same old tune" to try and keep Trump from appointing Rudy Giuliani to be Secretary of State. They say he's "lost a step," being so old. Of course, that's something that can neither be proved nor DISproved, as usual. The fact is, they're AFRAID of Rudy as Sec. of State and want to prevent his appointment. There's gonna be a lot of that from liberals, as Trump completes his cabinet.

HOW'D HE GET ELECTED? Keith Ellison is a Muslim activist. Yet he still got elected to be a representative in Congress. Considering what Muslims are trying to do in the United States, it's a damned fool action to elect ANY Muslim to be in a law-making position in our government, or even in an ADVISORY position. Not because of their RELIGION, but because of what Muslims are trying to do, and they just don't understand our system of laws. Of course, Ellison will CLAIM it is because of "his faith." That's the main SCAM they use to blunt any criticism of Muslims, ever.

THEY'RE GONNA LOSE: "Sanctuary Cities" are on a "collision course" with Donald Trump when they pledge to violate federal law in HAVING a "sanctuary city." They're gonna LOSE, and lose, BIG! It's a clear violation of federal law, and the mayors of those cities could even end up in prison! They think no politician in his right mind would do anything about them, But they forget: Trump is NOT a politician, in his "right mind," or otherwise. And if he wants to do it, it WILL be done! Their LEAST problem is jail. They could lose MILLIONS, even BILLIONS in federal funds.

HOW THEY DO IT: Liberals want to label everything they can racist, even if it isn't. Now they're saying that the term, "drain the swamp" is racist, so they can use that to claim Trump is racist. They have nothing else they can point to, so they manufacture something by redefining something. Like they're trying with Jeff Sessions. He "broke the back" of the Klan in his state, but they take one word out of context that he uttered in doing it to label him as a racist. That's their regular scam.

EVERY ONE A LIBERAL: Obama awarded the "Medal of Freedom" to 21 people today, and, unless I miss my guess, every one of them is a KNOWN liberal who "toes the liberal line" in everything he/she does. Like with Obama and the Nobel Prize, this just proves that you don't have to do much to get that medal--just be a liberal and have a well-known name--and eventually, you'll get one. They proved that with the Nobel by giving Obama one "on the come" for things he MIGHT do as president, which he never did.

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