Monday, November 28, 2016

Insane Reaction

I don't know where this happened, except it was in America. I actually watched a video of it happening! A woman took her pants off in public and crapped on a Trump sign. Then the wiped the result all over the sign with her hands, with everything she had showing to the crowd that surrounded her. I've seen and heard of some really STUPID reactions from liberals to Trump's election, but this "takes the cake." This woman needs to be put in a loony bin!

NOT A "JOURNALIST": Monisha Rajesh, the TRAIN columnist for the Telegraph (I don't know which one, as that's a popular name for newspapers) said, "Time for Trump to be assassinated." That sounds like a "terroristic threat" to me. This is NOT a "journalist." This is a FOOL pretending to be a journalist, and she should end up in prison for making that comment, IN PRINT. If the FBI is doing it's job, under Obama, which I doubt.

FIDEL CASTRO DEAD: Does anybody care? Only his victims and their families. They're celebrating. Then there are those "sympatico" in his communist takeover of a formerly prosperous island, that is now a "trash dump," due to his communism. These are the only people who have benefited from his communism--those working with, and for him. The rest of the Cuban people are in complete poverty. The average age of cars in Cuba is the fifties, because communism (and all other forms of collectivism) never create any new wealth. They just TAKE it from those who do. He will not be missed by human beings.

SLATE: "UNCHAINED BIGOTRY": A Slate writer writes that the Trump election released "spasms of unchained bigotry and racism." He's right, but it's all coming from the Democrat side. People are being shot and KILLED for supporting Trump. Violent riots paid for by Democrats are happening everywhere. People are getting beaten by Democrat-supporting gangs of fools! People are giving MILLIONS to a "ONE PERCENTER" to pay for a recount. Jill Stein has NO REASON" to be demanding a recount. She didn't get CLOSE to winning this election, and any recount will not affect her finish, in any way.

KAEPERNIK LOVES FIDEL CASTRO: And he likes Malcom X, as well. We're learning more and more about this fool and his twisted thought processes. He won't stand for the National Anthem, but he DID stand to "honor" Fidel Castro, who is one of his heroes. We need to send this fool to Cuba to actually have to LIVE under the "rule" Castro set up, and which is being run now by his brother Raul. Maybe a few years LIVING in Cuba will make this fool think again about where his loyalties lie. First he needs to be outed for behavior contrary to human beings. And that HAIR of his! I don't think they make a helmet big enough to cover it!

"NRA IS RACIST!" That's what liberals are saying, since they have nothing else.
Like liberals everywhere, they holler "racism" whenever they're opposed, on ANYTHING. They say Trump got elected on a "wave of white hate," which is patently damned foolishness. Almost ALL America hated what Obama and the rest of the liberals were doing, so they "got rid of them." Simple as that. Liberals just can't accept the fact that they are at fault for the Democrat mega-LOSS, so they blame it on their old 'whipping boy," racism."

CASTRO IS DEAD: Good riddance. Fidel Castro wasn't a politician, though he pretended to be one. He was just a thug and a thief who got lucky and took over a nation. After he did, he set out to LOOT everything he could from Cuba, and spent the next 50 or more years ripping it off. He declared ALL PROPERTY to be his, and all citizens his "employees" (slaves). If they objected, he shot them to death by the hundreds at a time, up against his "killing walls." At least, he didn't throw them live, off the roof of buildings like they do in Iran.

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