Monday, November 21, 2016

Can He Repeal It?

Liberals say Trump CAN'T repeal Obamacare, with 20 million people "depending on it." They didn't seem to worry about that when they CANCELED the insurance most of these people had, in order to "enroll" them in Obamacare, AGAINST their will. That is proved by the fact that they found it necessary to FINE them if they DIDN'T sign up. These people don't "depend" on it, they were FORCED into it, and now want OUT. That's what Trump is promising, if he doesn't "waffle" now he's elected.

"CHERRY PICKING STATS": I wrote the other day about a faulty JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) "survey that "found" that laws restricting gun ownership DID result in lower homicide numbers. I called it into question because the medical profession had NO business "evaluating" gun stats, since they knew NOTHING about guns, Now it turns out they "cherry-picked" those stats to come up with the answers they wanted, which is what I've been saying all along about the "stats" put out by anti-gun fools, period.

SECRET SERVICE LOSES GUNS: Secret service loses guns: they lost HUNDREDS of guns over several years, lately. Random reports about SS agents losing guns don't BEGIN to tell the whole story, and they were VERY SLOW to answer a FOIA request about this problem. They also lost laptops, badges, and even CARS! If they're so "elite," how could they be so careless? The feds seem to be a BIG supplier of ILLEGAL guns to criminals. The HHS has lost a bunch of guns and other items, too.

OPENLY STEAL THE ELECTION: The anti-Trump jerks have "come out of the closet" and are putting pressure on "electors" to vote for Hillary, even though Trump won most of the elector's votes. They say the electors aren't REQUIRED to vote for the one who won their state ( That's a loophole for them to exploit). But they're WRONG in most states. But it's not a matter of LEGALITY, it's a matter of STEALING the election AFTER the results are in. They've revealed themselves for all to see. They don't care about the rules, only how they can twist them for their own purposes.

"WON'T DRESS FIRST LADY": Sophie Threallet (who?) a fashion designer who has designed dresses for Michelle Obama, says she will NOT "dress Melania." Does she think anybody CARES? Does she think MELANIA cares? She or her husband could buy or SELL this fool. Is she angling for more publicity, or what? There are plenty of dress designers in business, and I'm sure most of them are more intelligent than this one. It wouldn't take much intelligence to be more intelligent than this one. Damn! There are really some STUPID people out there!

LEFT DOESN'T LIKE 'EM: Surprise, surprise! The left doesn't like ANY of Trump's selections for his cabinet. That sounds like "sour grapes" to me. I'd be surprised if they liked ANY of them. Trump has promised to "drain the swamp" in DC, and he is starting with these appointments. The left IS "the swamp" in DC and they are the ones who are going to lose, and lose BIG as Trump goes on building his team. Look for more and more sour grapes, as Trump continues to appoint people the left hates.

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