Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Chaotic Trump Transition?"

Democrats want an investigation of Trump's "chaotic" transition. WHAT "chaotic transition? And even if there were, what business is it of theirs? The only chaos in his transition is in their imagination. They just want to stick their noses into his transition activities, and make trouble for Trump. Damn! There's going to be 4 years of this crap, and I'm tired of it, already. These fools just can't admit they LOST, and go about their business. Of course, I guess, making trouble for the Republicans IS "their business." In a dictionary defining the words "sore loser" is a picture of the "Democrat ass."

HATE SPEECH: I'm very suspicious when anybody announces that they're "taking aim at hate speech." What IS "hate speech? To liberals it's any opinion you don't like. Twitter has announced that they are "taking aim at hate speech," and it is well known that Twitter is run by liberals. But here's the good part. We don't NEED Twitter. Twitter needs US! So I'm not worried. If the time comes they censor my messages, I'll just "mark them off" my list of things to occasionally do.

SHARPTON IS WORRIED: He's worried that Trump might "erase Obama's legacy, and he's right to worry--for his purposes. Trump has PROMISED to "erase Obama's legacy," and usually, what Trump says he's going to do, he does. Obama's "legacy" NEEDS to be erased, and Trump is just the man to do it. In spite of Obama "jumping up and down" in the background as HE has promised to do. And unlike his usual promises, I think he's telling the truth, this time, no matter how hard it is for him to tell the truth about anything.

3 MILLION ILLEGAL VOTES: And guess who they voted for? If you guessed Democrats, you'd be right. Those illegal votes were cast by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, and they were able to do it because Democrats have blocked the logical requiring of "photo ID" in order to vote. With no such requirement, ANYBODY can vote, whether or not they can legally do so. And they can vote many times. They CLAIM Hillary "won the popular vote" by TWO MILLION votes, but they don't tell you it was because so many illegal aliens voted for her!

TRUMP SCARES THEM: I don't believe I've ever sen such a backlash from the LOSERS in an election. They're really frightened about what Trump might do to the systems they've set in place to "fleece Americans," and they're doing things that no SANE person would do to hurt Trump. From riots to beating up Trump voters to demanding a recount on specious grounds, to even meddling with the Electoral College (which can get them in prison) and calling all Trump voters racists.. They're more than "sore losers." They're INSANE!

ALL THE STOPS! Liberals (Democrats) are pulling out all the stops in their quest to derail Donald Trump's presidency. A columnist for the Telegraph, Monisha Rajesh (with a name like that, what do you bet she is a Muslim?), said, in answer to a reader, "Time for Trump to be assassinated." That sounds like a "terroristic threat," to me, and the FBI ought to act on it. But they won't, as long as they're under Obama as president. Maybe they will after Trump takes over his RIGHTFUL place in the Oval Office. I've seen some petty "sour grapes" in my time, buy I think this is the worst. They're scared to death of Trump!

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