Friday, November 18, 2016

"In Case of Assassintion"

The media is all bent out of shape because Trump stiffed them on his dinner hour the other day. They think he isn't allowed to have a minute without them sniping at him from the "wings." Their main consideration is that, if somebody kills him, they won't have it on video as they did with Kennedy and almost with Reagan. Notice it's always those who displease the "left" who get assassinated. If the media had treated me the way they treated Trump, I'd have stiffed them for more than one dinner.

TRUMP JUST CAN'T WIN! Trump just announced that he'd save the government $400,000.00 by working for FREE. So the liberals are now saying that makes him more like Hitler. I don't know what their reasoning (if any) is on that. Maybe it's just their abysmal STUPIDITY. They're just a bunch of BABIES who can't stop crying because their "anointed one:" got her pants beat off her--TWICE, when both times she thought the election was just a formality before she was "coronated." And she'll be too old to run again.

"YOU'RE SAFE IN CHICAGO": That's what that liberal FOOL, Rahm Emanuel says. Unfortunately, the FACTS prove him a LIAR when he says that. You take your life in your hands when you enter the city limits of Chicago these days. Chicago is the murder capital of the country! You're more likely to get hit by a stray bullet there than in a "war zone." Chicago IS a "war zone!" But Emanuel refuses to see it, and thus gets more people KILLED by his stupidity!

"GOOD FOR US": Bad for you. The Clintons are hollering "nepotism" at Trump's wish to put some of his family in jobs in his government. Of course, that completely ignores the nepotism displayed by Bill Clinton by appointing Hillary to a well-paying job trying to come up with "ClintonCare" (a job which she flubbed) before Obama finally "steamrollered" it through with NOBODY in Congress ever getting to read it before voting it in, in his SECOND term. One of the classic stupidities was uttered by then House Leader Nancy Peelosi, who said, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it." This is common. The Democrats criticizing Republicans for doing the very same things THEY did in the past.

THE FINAL INSULT: Obama is dead set on doing as much damage to this country as he can in the short time he has left. The most recent insult is his plan to "pardon" 750,000 illegal aliens. He has already pardoned, or commuted the sentences of countless violent felons and Islamic terrorists, to gain Democrat votes. Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe,, now Virginia governor, pardoned ANOTHER 60,000 violent felons in his own state. And I'm sure his pardons were contingent on them voting Democrat.

LABELED "FAKE NEWS": Several conservative web sites have been labeled by liberals as "fake news." That's funny! The KINGS of "fake news" pretend to be able to define what IS "fake news. Liberals (and the liberal media) put out "fake news" every day. And now they pretend to be able to define "fake news" on conservative sites? Thanks, liberals! I needed a good belly laugh! Liberal antics are good for a lot of laughs.

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