Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Impeach Donald Trump!"

That's what some of the liberal crybabies are shrieking. What are they going to impeach him for? Being Donald Trump? Is that a "crime or misdemeanor?" These fools apparently have no idea of how this country and its government works. You can't just impeach a president because you don't like him. He was legally elected, against massive voter fraud, sponsored by the Democrats. And they want to impeach HIM? Gimme a BREAK ! There's nothing REAL about that movement. All it is, is "sour grapes" because they couldn't "steamroller him" like they did Bernie Sanders.

HILLARY'S "MAKE NICE" CONCESSION" She said a number of "nice things" about Donald Trump, after he "stomped her" badly in the election that she thought was "fixed" for her to win, after "going through the motions" of campaigning. But she didn't mean a word of it, and neither did Obama, in his meeting with Trump in the White House. I'm sure they're both "racking their tiny brains" trying to figure out a way to derail Trump's "path to the presidency" even after he won the election.

MAYBE SHE DIDN'T WIN: Maybe Hillary didn't win the popular vote, as has been reported, prematurely. The votes are still being counted, and Trump continues to rack up a higher and higher score. They're using this "popular vote" argument to mount yet another attack on the Electoral College, a method we've used to elect a president since the beginning. It stops the higher population states from "steamrollering" an election and gives less populated states an "even chance" to elect a president. so high population liberal states can't take all the elections. The Founders foresaw this, which is why they set it up that way.

"YOU MUST BE RACIST": "If you voted for Trump." That's the word still being put out by Democrats. They call EVERYTHING that they don't like racism. They have made the racist label MEANINGLESS by overuse. Fortunately, for the next four years, at least, opposition to presidential ideas will no longer be automatically called "racism." It's comical that Donald Trump was never called a racist until he announced his candidacy to run against a Democrat for president. Only FOOLS believe that, and apparently there weren't enough fools voting to make Hillary president. Thank God!

IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN: Many self-loving "celebrities" told us confidently they would move out of the United States if Donald Trump was elected. Now liberals are asking how we're going to handle "losing" all those people. But it ain't gonna happen! None of those "celebrities" have made a move toward leaving this country, and I don't expect them to. They don't have the GUTS. Besides; there's still no better place in the world than America, bad as it has become under Obama. Whoopi Goldberg, for instance, says, "I've changed my mind." I guess she now thinks she'd better stay here and FIGHT Trump. But more likely she doesn't want to lose that "cushy gig" on The View."

OBAMA'S LAST GASP: I just saw Obama speaking before a group of military men, and they stood and applauded when he came to the lectern. What a phony display THAT was! Of course, I turned off the sound as soon as he got ready to speak. I will certainly love not having to hear him speak every day. And I'm sure those military men were only "going through the motions" as long as he was still president. Knowing how he has decimated the military, there is NO WAY a real military man would like him.! And when he's gone, they'll show it.

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