Monday, November 7, 2016

I Confess, I'm Torn

I’m torn between telling Obama to go back to DC and do the job he’s PAID to do by the taxpayer and stop campaigning for Hillary, or stay on the stump and “tilt at windmills” all he wants. That’s because, as long as he’s “on the stump” for Hillary, he can’t be doing us much damage. But everywhere he goes, he’s spending MILLIONS to support Hillary, which is an UNCOUNTED donation to her campaign, which he does not report. I think NO president should campaign for another candidate, on OUR dime. Ever.

KKK “ENDORSES” TRUMP: Why? Because they figure that, by “endorsing” Trump, they can help Hillary win. Trump, of course, rejected the “endorsement,” but that won’t matter to the Hillary forces. They think they can play the very fact of the “endorsement” into a “killing blow” on Trump, within a couple of days of the election. This reminds me of Harry Reid’s phony assertion in the last presidential election that Romney hadn’t paid any taxes for ten years--just before the election, with no time to disprove it before the election.

94,609,000 OUT OF WORK: That’s 425,000 MORE than last month. That’s 94 MILLION Americans unemployed! And Obama claims the economy is in “fine shape.” He’s either deluded, or he thinks we are MORONS! That we will believe his lies, when we can SEE the evidence that proves otherwise. Many of us EXPERIENCE it. I don’t know what makes him think we will believe his bullsh-t. He must be more stupid than I thought.

THIS IS UNREAL The same people who want to allow ANY male into a woman’s restroom or changing room, “where girls as young as 15 are changing,” just by saying, “I IDENTIFY as a female!” Run ads saying Trump is “unfit to be president” because he walked into a woman’s (girl’s) dressing room once. They give him a hard time because he said a few stupid things when he was younger while Bill Clinton is STILL a sex pervert who makes regular trips to that child sex slave island, as does Hillary. Talk about accusing us of what THEY’RE doing! And their transgressions are obvious, while Trump’s are only in the imaginations of Democrats. We’ll be well rid of them in January.

THERE WILL BE SHOUTING! Well. tomorrow, it will be “all over but the shouting.” And there WILL be shouting, no matter who wins. The Democrats are facing ruin if Trump wins. The COUNTRY is facing ruin if Hillary wins. Trump will lower taxes, get some of the fools out of office, get rid of that abortion called Obamacare, and “turn DC upside down, which has been a long time coming. Hillary will raise taxes, keep Obamacare, and move us ever closer to a socialist “paradise.” And there are many people on BOTH sides who hate whatever is coming. So the argument WILL continue, even if the ads stop.

LEGALIZING FELONS: Terry McAuliffe, former DNC Chairman, and close friend of the Clintons, now governor of Virginia, suddenly PARDONED 60,000 felons, just a couple of days before the election (He wanted to pardon 200,000 felons, but a court stopped that, so he did an “end-around run” on it.). That’s enough to ensure a WIN for Hillary in his state. By PARDONING them, he returned their voting rights. This is an OBVIOUS attempt to turn the election in her favor, in case all her other election fraud doesn’t work. It’s funny. All the election fraud found up to now favors the DEMOCRATS. Doesn’t that tell you something?

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